Save Even More On Sandos Resorts!

Ways To Save Even More

As a marketing professional I am always looking for reviews, guest bloggers and website links!  If you are a small business owner you’ll probably relate.  Below are some ideas as to what I would consider a possible trade that would get you a bigger discount.

Royal Elite & Sandos Resort Reviews

I am always looking for feedback on the Royal Elite Vacation Club and Sandos Resorts.  I love this resort chain and am always looking for new and exciting information to share with my readers.  There are many things a person could do here.  You could review your stay in general or pick something specific like the Eco Tour at Sandos Caracol.  

You could just fetch menus and other resort correspondence that I have still not gotten from my resort reps.  Things like the room service menus, spa services menus, wine menus and a bunch more.  These also change by year and the last ones I have received are from 2016!

There are monkeys and other critters that I have written about and could use more videos and written content on.  There are some interesting Mayan Myths that could be written about and expand on.  Heck, there are fish, turtles birds and other things that no one has written about and are all game for a better deal!

Now a final thought here is, if we make a deal keep it!  I have had over a dozen families swear they would produce something and they have not.  If you fail to produce our deal you have to pay back or won’t get the refund promised.  Also your work should be of good quality.

Guest Blogging On Fun Things To Do

I am always looking for content and writers of content.  If you like to write and can create blog style posts, you have something to trade!  I have several sites like the one you are on and I Want To Travel To.  The latter has or needs content around fun things to do and see in several demographics (Cancun, Cozumel, Los Cabos).  

If your a blogger or writer reach out to me and lets see what kind of deal we can make to help each other out.  I actually have a longer article about this found here:  (Write for us)

Link Building Resources

This is one of the most valuable things you could have to offer!  I am a web strategist and looking to build links to several web resources including this one.  Your website does need to meet some requirements and the better your website is the more you have to offer and bargain for.

As a side note here…  I have several websites and they have good value (high rank).  If you are in the home services industry I have a site that is incredible and would boost you in the search results.  So to sweeten the deal I would link to you through my home services company website and you could link to one of my two sites in tourism.  You could do that through some form of article about your 2019/2020 vacation.

So the way this would work depends on the niche of your website, age of your site and the overall value that my research tools put on your content.  You would also need to keep the article or link active forever or for a time that we negotiate on.

Got Another Idea?

I am a sole proprietor and always looking to expand and become more!  If you have an idea, let’s chat!  Even if your a competitor I am willing to speak with you.  Above all things I look to protect my interests and the interests of the resort and consumers that I serve.  Serve being the keyword here!