How To Book The Sandos – Royal Elite Promotion:

(855)804-8381 – Thomas Bowman Jr. – Owner/Agent

(Open 7am to 9pm mountain time daily.  Complete the form below so I can fill out the forms required by the resort.  You will need to physically sign an agreement, scan & return.  View it here.  Below the form is more information on the booking process.)

Step 1:  Fill out the form above.

Step 2:  You will be emailed the resorts contract which needs to be signed by both adult parties and returned.

Step 3: You have 2 options for payment.  Pay in full or pay $200 on your base package (first 5 nights, 2a/2k) plus any extras like nights & guests.

Step 4: I file your paperwork & within two business days Royal Elite (Sandos) reps will call to verify your reservation.  They will then proceed to bill me for you extras & base package.  Once they ding my bank account you’re reservation is locked in.  They release your reservation to me after all fees are settled, within a day.

Step 5: Your reservation is issued, you finalize any payment due and I set up your one-way free transfer.  Return transfer is offered by the resort for $50 to $75.  It is added to your checkout & it can be declined.  It’s a good deal for private transfer.

I do all of these bookings myself and it’s an easy (you/me) process.  I have sent 200+ couples through this program since 2012 and I’m a Sandos Smart Agent.   *I have a 99% success rate and the resort will hold your reservation on receipt of my email.

Here is a sample of the excel based form I will be sending you:Sandos-resorts-check-in-agreement-for-timeshare-promotion