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Thomas Bowman Jr Sandos Smart AgentIn 2017 I became a Sandos Smart Agent (OTA) after more than 4 years of promoting the Royal Elite Vacation Club.  Unlike any other timeshare promotion company, I specialize in Sandos Resorts!

I wanted to to offer retail reservations and be able to add onto minivac reservations.  For years I had the Sandos travel agent diploma through Travel Agent Academy which didn’t really work for booking any reservations.

  Today, travel agents can register for a free account, learn and book directly.  Sandos has a well designed travel agent website that you get access too once you pass your tests.  The site contains specials and downloadable professional content for marketing. 

Sandos Resorts gives travel agents a price that is close to what Hotels.com offers consumers.  They also have an entire incentive plan that pays cash and gives the travel agent free nights!

Sandos Smart Agent Certification

Certificate of Completion

So if you are booking the Sandos promo and want extra nights.  I can offer up to 7 nights through the minivac program and then discounted retail though Sandos Resorts directly for extra nights (15% to 20% off retail)! 

So if you decided on a longer stay than 7 nights I can accommodate your request.

Sandos Resorts has an extensive training program that teaches the travel agent all the main resort features for each of the Mexico based locations (4). 

The tests come in sections and have exercises that must be completed to move forward.  It’s something like Travel Agent Academy but in-house through Sandos Resorts directly. 

Here is a video:

Ps.  Do you have Sandos (Royal Elite) timeshare weeks available for sale or rent?  Consider listing your weeks with me.