Save up to 70% on Sandos Resorts through their timeshare promotion

Sandos Resorts offers a full access timeshare vacation promotion where you can save while learning about their resort membership program.  You get a huge discount and a real savings that averages at $1000 per family!  Have a look at their program and save on your stay at the Sandos Resorts.  Book direct through a certified Sandos Resorts Smart Travel agent!

Looking for ways to save on your stay at Sandos Resort & Hotels?

sandos resort coupons and discounts
2019 Sandos Coupons

Sandos Resort Retail Coupons & Codes:

There are only about a half dozen retail coupons for Sandos Resorts available.  Many of them are the same just posted by different vendors or affiliates.  The coupons below are my direct affiliate links and should automatically add the discount.  In some cases there is a code that needs to be inputted at check-out for the discount.

Up to 30% off Sandos Cancun Lifestyle Resort coupon
Sandos Cancun Coupon
Up to 30% off Sandos Finisterra Beach Resort coupon
Sandos Finisterra Coupon
Up to 25% off Sandos Playacar Beach Resort coupon
Sandos Playacar Coupon

Sandos Vacation Club Promotion:

Save 50% on Sandos ResortsThe Sandos Timeshare Promo is by far the best and most valuable Sandos Resorts coupon available!  Sandos Resorts offers one of the most deluxe and highest rated timeshare promotions available.  Sure there are many timeshare promotions to choose from, but Sandos Resorts simply offers more!

Check out these videos where I screen cast the potential savings on a holiday using this timeshare vacation deal.  

Many timeshare promotions offer reduced or restricted amenities when it comes to restaurants and extras.  At Sandos Resorts you get a retail all inclusive reservation in exchange for listening to a 120 sales presentation.

Average discount & savings can easily exceed 50% of the cost of retail and Sandos offers this deal at all 4 locations in Mexico.  Each of those locations (Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Playacar, Los Cabos) is all inclusive and beach front.  They are also independently rated on TripAdvisor by thousands of consumers as a top Mexico resort chain.

As a vendor for Sandos Resorts and a vendor for Royal Elite (the Sandos Vacation Club), I can honestly say that this is one of the top vacation offers available anywhere!

Sandos4U (Sandos-4-U) Rewards:

The Sandos4U program is a rewards program created as a way to give consumers an incentive not just to re-book but to try stuff during their stay. 

You get discounts like 5% coupons, items like wine and even late check-out!  The Sandos4U program is easy to sign up for and can add benefits to your stay.  Even if you have already booked you can still sign up and get some extras!

Sandos Smart Agent Discount:

*My personal discount & coupon.

Looking for a discount on Sandos Resorts and you’re not interested in their timeshare deal?  Fair enough…  I am a Sandos Smart Agent which is Sandos Resorts travel agent program.  I can offer you 10% off retail!

To get this Sandos deal you will have to call and give me your basic travel information (dates, travelers).  I will do a search for your dates and present to you the prices for the different rooms and suites available direct through Sandos. 

In many cases I can beat by about 5%.  This depends on your dates of travel and the time till travel. and many other services can beat me when you book out 6 months.

Royal Elite Vacation Club (Weeks):

looking for even more?  The best of the best that Sandos resorts has to offer is there Royal Elite Members weeks. 

You can rent members weeks and get the same benefit as if you had invested all that money!  Even better is there are hundreds of families who have already rented a Royal Elite Week from a member and they had a blast! 

So if you are looking for more and want to experience the benefits of resort membership without the membership…  Then perhaps renting a Royal Elite or Sandos Timeshare Week is for you!

Conclusion: There’s not just one way to save on Sandos Resorts!

Sandos Resorts is in the business of selling room nights and accommodations.  If you have found a coupon or incentive that I have missed please let me know in the comments below. 

If you are on the ropes about which Sandos Resorts to choose, you can flip through hundreds of videos and pictures here onsite or call me directly. 

I am available daily to help you get the most out of your stay at Sandos Resorts!

Have you found a better Sandos Coupon deal than these?  Please tell me about it in the comments below: