Get 5 nights all inclusive (full access to restaurants) that includes two adults & two kids.  Cost is $599 (now – Aug 22nd), $399 (Aug 23rd – Dec 17th) & $999 (Dec 18th to Jan 5th).  Includes Sandos Playacar, Caracol & Finisterra (excludes Sandos Cancun) see full price sheetMust qualify as a prospect by meeting terms, attend sales presentation & book 15+ days ahead of travel.  Updated: 4/12/21

Sandos Playacar Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Looking for more details on the Sandos Playacar?

Sandos Playacar Frequently Asked Questions Have questions beyond the basics?  Sandos Playacar Beach Resort & Spa is a huge resort offering all sorts of included and extra cost amenities. 

Below are the most popular questions and answers (Q&A’s) related to the kids clubs, babies, entertainment and more.  Where possible I have linked to the original resource back at

General Sandos Playacar FAQ's:

Where is Sandos Playacar located?

Sandos Playacar is located 37 miles south of the Cancun International Airport located along the Caribbean Ocean (about 55 minutes by car).  The resort is located at the far end of the gated city of Playacar Mexico, the south side of Playa del Carmen. 

Just north of the resort is the famous 5th avenue Playa del Carmen shopping strip and at the top of Playa del Carmen is the Sandos Caracol Eco.  The physical address for Sandos Playacar is Paseo Xaman – Ha Lt.1, Playacar, 77720 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico and are the Sandos Playacar resort maps.

What makes Sandos Playacar different?

Sandos Playacar is a themed resort experience which means that everyday there is a different resort theme. 

It’s called the “All Playa Experience” and you just head to the beach where  everyday it’s a new beach from somewhere in the world!  Daily the beach changes to a new theme and activities are offered throughout the day related to that beaches theme. 

Daily themes  (10:30am – 4pm) include the best of Jamaica Beach (Sunday), Malibu Beach (Monday), Copacabana Beach (Tuesday), Playacar Beach (Wednesday), Thai Beach (Thursday), Miami Beach (Friday) and Ibiza Beach (Saturday).  No reservations are needed and this is included in the resorts all inclusive program. (original article)

Stay at Sandos Playacar & Visit Sandos Caracol for FREE!

Sandos Playacar & Sandos Caracol Eco 2 This is such a sweet deal that I had to write an entire article about it.  If you stay at the Sandos Playacar Beach Resort and Spa you get free day passes to the Sandos Caracol Eco.  Did you know that the Sandos Caracol is 10 minutes north of Playacar and they have a water park, cenotes, Eco activities and a zoo! 

Check out the Sandos Resorts:  Sandos BOGO Deal | Animals at Sandos Caracol | Plant a Family Tree

Sandos Playacar check-in/check-out times?

Check-in time is 3:00 pm.  If your room is ready before 3:00 pm, you can use it.  Check-out time is 12 noon.  On the day of check-in you can use the resorts all inclusive amenities starting at 6am and you can use the facilities on your check-out day until 7:00 pm.

Is late check-out available at Sandos Playacar?

Sandos Playacar Beach Resort Late Checkin and checkout Late check-out (after 12 noon) is subject to availability and based upon prior notice to reception.  Additional charges may apply for late check-out.

What evening shows does Sandos Playacar Have?

Sandos Playacar has shows every evening from 9pm to 10pm except for Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:30 to 10:30.  The shows are also included for free in the resorts all inclusive deal.  Every night there is a different show with a new theme. 

On Thursdays, there is a Disney Fantasy Show and kids are invited to participate.  They do this through the Kids Club and you need to register Thursday morning between 10am and 11am to participate.


Sandos Playacar Beach Resort Mixed Drink List Menu Sandos Playacar offers unlimited drinks throughout the resort. Enjoy wine, beer, shots and mixed drinks. Some mixed drink types are the Malibu, Strawberry Mojito, the Riviera Maya, Living Color, and of course the Strawberry Daiquiri.

There are higher end liquors, wine and beer available but they are not included in the Sandos Playacar all inclusive program.

What about WINE?  Yes, just make sure you don’t take the whole bottle or accidentally get the top shelf.  Otherwise you will be charged for it.  You can drink glasses till you drop though! Sandos Playacar Mixed Drink Menu

Can you drink the water at Sandos Playacar?

Yes!  The official news is yes the water is treated throughout the resort.  Ice cubes and coffee are safe to consume. In your room there is a water dispenser that gives hot and cold purified water.

Here are a few articles I found of value where consumers have said the water is safe: Drinking coffee at Sandos Playacar | Facts about drinking water in Mexico | Ice & mixed drinks at Sandos Playacar | Sandos Playacar drinking water

You can also take Dukoral, a Canadian drug that will give you an iron belly and it lasts for months!

Do you need reservations for any restaurants at Sandos Playacar?

Brazil Steak House Sandos Playacar Menu No. You do not need reservations for any of the 11 restaurants & bars at Sandos Playacar. The dress code for the snack venues and buffet restaurants is casual meaning no wet clothing allowed, shirt and shoes/sandals are required, and men’s shirts must have sleeves.

The dress code for the à la carte restaurants is smart casual meaning no swimsuits or wet clothes are allowed, a shirt and shoes/sandals are required (no flip flops), men’s shirts must have sleeves and Bermuda shorts are allowed.

Free Miniature Golf at Sandos Playacar!

Free 9 hole Miniture Golf at Sandos Playacar Beach Resort Feeling a little competitive and want to get your min-golf on?  Sandos Playacar has free miniature golf included in your stay.  They have a 9 hole mini course and it’s set in a beautiful garden area where you can see butterfly’s and maybe a hummingbird!

How many sections does Sandos Playacar have?

Sandos Playacar has 3 sections called the Family section, the Select Club Adults Only section and the Royal Elite section.

Does Sandos Playacar have room service?

Sandos Playacar Beach Resort room service menu Yes, Sandos Playacar has room service 24 hours a day. Order from your bed! Room service is part of the All Inclusive plan for all Sandos Playacar guests. Sandos Playacar also has day and night room service menus.

What does the all inclusive plan include?

The Sandos Playacar all inclusive amenities include unlimited food and beverages which include beer, wine and mixed drinks.

Activities included are non-motorized sports, snorkel equipment 1/2 hour a day, complimentary scuba diving lessons in the resort pool, Kids Club, Teen Club, Baby Club, tennis courts and fitness center (gym, 18+). For entertainment there are daily shows, nighttime shows, activities, game room and nightclub. Also included is WiFi throughout the resort.

What is not included in the Sandos Playacar all inclusive?

Not included in the Sandos Playacar all inclusive package are select wines and liquors, private dinners, spa treatments, beauty salon treatments and tours from agencies located at the hotel. There are many side services and shops for basic needs, photography supplies and more.

These are at an additional charge obviously and are onsite for your convenience. Please keep in mind that whole bottles of wine are not included for free in the all inclusive plan, so asking them to “leave the bottle” will cost you!

What are the latest Sandos Playacar deals?

sandos resort coupons and discounts Every season Sandos Resorts creates new coupon codes for affiliated companies. I keep a page updated to the latest Sandos Coupons & travel incentives here. The article contains the latest Sandos coupon codes, my personal private Sandos Smart Agent discount and information on the Sandos Vacation Club 50% off deal.

There are also deals to be made with current Royal Elite Members where you can rent their timeshare weeks! That’s black band access to the private Royal Elite perks!

How do I contact Sandos Resorts?

You can send an email to [email protected] or call the following phone numbers depending on where you are in the world:

  • From Mexico 01 800 907 52 92
  • From USA 1 866 336 40 83
  • From Europe – Spain +34 971 78 33 02
  • From Argentina 0 800 122 04 06.

Is there a spa at Sandos Playacar?

Yes, the spa at Sandos Playacar is called Spa del Mar. All services here are at an additional charge above the regular all inclusive. Spa del Mar offers massages, facials, beauty salon, hydrotherapy area and relaxation packages. Sandos Playacar Beach Resort Spa Menu

Looks like the massages are 50 or 80 minutes. Massage types (original article) include relaxation, aromatherapy, prenatal, deep tissue, draining/detox, hot stones, therapeutic, Thai, Shiatsu and the Sandos special!

Spa del Mar also offers body treatments which include specialties like Cocoa Charm and After Sun Breeze! Sandos Facials include Hydra-Balance, Beauty Bar, Men’s Facials and the Wrinkle Corrector.

At the beauty salon you can get a manicure, pedicure, hair treatments and all of these services: Artificial nails, nail polish, pro-makeup, hair styling, haircuts, hair coloring, highlighting, streaks, shampoo/condition, braids, hair removal and special services for brides.

Does Sandos Playacar have a kids spa?

Yes! The Sandos Playacar Spa offers a kid spa version where you’re children can get pampered with their own massage, facial or even a snake wrap! There is also a kids beauty salon where they can get braids, fake tattoos, a manicure and/or pedicure.

Is the fitness center (gym) included?

Sandos_Playacar_GYM_04 Yes, the Sandos Playacar has a gym located next to the spa. It is well-equipped, but for adults only. The Sandos Playacar fitness center is open daily from 7 am to 9 pm.

There are yoga mats, Pilates balls, free weights, benches, weight machines, a boxing bag, cardio equipment and lots more!  Here is a quick video.

Also included are several types of exercise classes like daily spinning classes at 8am, 9am and 5pm. At 11 am Monday through Saturday is yoga and Monday, Wednesday and Friday there is a boot camp at 4pm on the BEACH!

At 4pm everyday there is Zumba and Monday, Wednesday and Friday you can burn those abs at 8am.  On Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays get free training and coaching at 10am.

Sandos Playacar Kids Club FAQ's:

Sandos Playacar Kids Club images How old do kids need to be at the Sandos Playacar Kids Club?

The Sandos Playacar Kids Club is a space designed especially for little children and is available for ages 4 to 12 years old.  Children 2 and 3 years old can access the facilities from 10 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 6 pm.  Parents must attend to their own children at all times.

You MUST register your children at the Kids Club?

Kids & Junior Club Hours & Activities Clip from the Sandos Playacar Map All kids must be registered between 10 am to 11 am on the day they are going to participate in the Kids Club.  While kids are admitted from 10 am to 10 pm, they must have already registered for the day.

Are there any admission restrictions at the Kids Club?

For the safety of all the children at the resort; small children with fever, diarrhea, vomiting or any infectious disease are not admitted.  Children with special needs or a disability must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times while visiting the Kids Club.

Sandos Playacar Kids Club Sick Children Not Admitted What should I do if my child has allergies or need for medication?

Please inform the Kids Club staff about any child allergies, any disease of any kind and/or if your children are taking any medications especially if they alter a child’s behavior.  The Kids Club staff is not authorized to provide or administer any form of medication.  They also won’t apply sunscreen.

Can my child eat during their stay at the Kids Club?

Yes, if your children are staying for lunch, the parent or guardian must inform and reserve a spot during their morning registration between 10am and 11am.  It is important to make clear the foods your child cannot eat and what they can. Sandos_Playacar_KidsClub

Do children stay inside the Kids Club?

No, there are outdoor activities throughout the resort that are part of the Kids club.  The Kids Club staff is not authorized to apply creams or sunscreen.  So please apply that before you drop your kid off for the day.  Children do not leave the Sandos Playacar grounds and all activities are held on the resort grounds.  If you do not want your kids to leave the Kids Club building, please let the staff know.

What happens if a child misbehaves?

If your child is violent or exhibits behavior perceived as a risk to others, the hotel will interrupt the child’s visit and notify the parents immediately.  The Kids Club also reserves the right to refuse admission to any child.

What is the Sandos Playacar Kids Club schedule?

Sandos Playacar Kids Club Scedule

Sandos Playacar LIGHT Teen Club FAQ's:

What are the hours of the Lite Teen Club at Sandos Playacar?

Sandos Playacar Lite Teen Club evening shows The hours for the Sandos Playacar Lite Teen Club are noon to 11 pm daily.  There is an arcade with air hockey, pool table, air hockey and video games.  There’s also a teen bar serving non-alcoholic beverages and a disco dance floor including supervised evening events.  Our Entertainment Team also hosts nightly events starting with teen sports at 5 pm daily.  These teen sporting activities meet on the tennis courts daily.  Afterwards, they can head to the Lite Teen Club at 9 pm for our special nightly theme parties.

Where is the Sandos Playacar Lite Teen Club located?

The Sandos Playacar Lite Teen Club is located next to the Gran Plaza.  The Gran Plaza (video) is the outdoor stage and plaza area where the nighttime shows are held.  The Cupcake Café and a new bar are lo sandos_playacar_lite_teen_club_10-300 cated nearby for drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Who’s allowed to play in the Lite Teen Club?

The Sandos Playacar Lite Teen Club is for teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17.  Kids 6 years old and up are allowed to play, too.  Parents can join their children, but the video games are exclusively for teens and kids.  Food is NOT allowed in the Lite Teen Club area.

Sandos Playacar Special Services FAQ's:

Do you have baby amenities?

Sandos Playacar Has Baby Items Yes, Sandos Playacar has cradles and playpens for babies.  To request one, send an email to [email protected]  Please take into account that there are no strollers, so please bring your own.

Does Sandos Playacar have wheelchairs?

Sandos Playacar has wheelchairs, but they are subject to availability.  To check availability, send an email to [email protected]

Can I request a golf cart?

Golf carts are for transfer of guests and their luggage upon arrival and Sandos Playacar Golf Cart Service departure.  However, you can find golf carts (transportation) at the main lobby or by the bike station.  The Sandos Playacar bellboys will take you where you need to go.

Does Sandos Playacar offer decorations for special occasions?

If you want to make your stay even more memorable.  You can request special decorations to celebrate your honeymoon, anniversary, birthday or surprise that special someone.  To request a special decoration, please send an email to [email protected] (additional charges may apply for this service).

Can Sandos Playacar help me propose?

Sandos Playacar Proposing at the Resort Yes!  Sandos Resorts offers wedding services and can even help you with your proposal!  For details about price and planning, please send your ideas to [email protected]

Sandos Playacar Packing Tip FAQ's:

What do you recommend to pack?

Packing depends on the season in which you visit Sandos Playacar.  Typically Playacar has sunshine every day with short bursts of rain, if it even rains at all.  From January through May, Sandos Playacar usually has very little rain and the rains during the rest of the year are brief. 

Definitely bring water shoes, trekking shoes, a hat, sunglasses, snorkel mask, biodegradable sunscreen, biodegradable mosquito repellent, power adapters (220 to 110 volts), power connectors,  personal care Sandos Playacar What Should We Pack items, and any medication you will need.  

Mexico uses the American standard 110 outlet, so if you don’t have devices that use 110 you will need a power adapter.  Don’t worry if you forget something.  There are stores and a supermarket close by.

Traveling November – February:

Winter on the beaches of Mexico is much calmer than winter in countries like North America.  You will never see snow or ice in Playacar and you can swim during the daytime, no problem.  However, they do suggest packing a light jacket and a pair of pants.  It can get cold at night in Playacar.

Traveling March – May:

Springtime on the Mexican Caribbean brings more sunshine and the heat.  There still is little rain in Playacar during these months.  Sandos recommends packing a hat so you can protect your head from the sun.

Traveling June – October:

These months bring more rain than the rest of the year.  This serves as a refreshing break from the high summer heat of Playacar.  In this season you just need to pack an umbrella.

Can I pack something extra to help local communities?

Yes! Thanks to the Pack for a purpose program together with the Sandos Foundation, our guests are able to bring with them some needed items which will be donated to local kids and their families to help them improve their life conditions. You can learn more on the Pack for a Purpose program as well as find a list of the most needed items here

What should I expect on my visi Sandos Playacar Beach Resort main image t to Sandos Playacar

It is really important to mention that Sandos Playacar is a large property with guestrooms, restaurants and activity areas distributed throughout the hotel. Golf carts are available for transportation around the resort, and you will find stop rides in different spots of the hotel to pick you up and take you to common areas. In spite of this, we recommend you to be ready for long walks if you do not want to wait for the golf carts.

How is the weather at Sandos Playacar?

We remind you that we are located in the Caribbean, so we have a tropical climate; that is, we typically have sun almost all day and if it rains, the rainfall is usually short and light. Due to this, the area humidity level is high.

What are the Swimming Pools Like?

Sandos Playacar Main Pool has Waterslide for kids There are plenty of pool options available at Sandos Playacar.  There are pools for each of the sections and depending on where you are staying you would have access to more or less pools. 

The main pool has a swim up bar and is an infinity pool.  There is a kids area and mini water park with 5 slides!

Everyday from 11am to 4pm there is a cookout and you’re invited!  The cookout is held in the same general area as the main pool.

There is also a pool that is specifically used for the Kids Club.  So if you’re kids are in the Kids Club pool they are in a special monitored area.  Another common area pool is located in the Family Section.

What’s the beach like at Sandos Playacar?

Sandos Playacar Beach Resort is located on a wide and extensive stretch of white sand next to the calm and clear Caribbean Sea, and it’s quite simply one of the best beaches in Playa del Carmen!

Sandos Playacar Included Ocean Amenities Kayak There’s nothing like a direct quote! 

Sandos Playacar offers a sweet beach experience too with free use of stuff like bogie boards, kayaks and snorkel equipment. 

There may be a limited time you can use them each day or an insurance fee associated.  There is also a free mini scuba diving lesson you can take in the pool!

A few more free amenities at Sandos Playacar.

sandos playacar free tennis How about tennis!  Sandos Playacar has free usage on rackets and tennis balls and you can use them late into the evening. 

Looking to stretch your legs?  There are also bikes to use for free and you can go off resort.  Nearby is the famous Playa del Carmen 5th Avenue.  If you are someone who loves to bike. 

You could easily bike the 6 miles between the Sandos Playacar and the Sandos Caracol Eco.  Sandos will give you a chain and a lock should you want to explore 5th avenue.  Bike service is available between 9am and 5pm.

Taxi Cabs & Getting Around.

You won’t have a problem here.  There are taxis everywhere in Playa!  Sandos Playacar offers a order a taxi service from your room.  The cab will be called to the front entrance area and be waiting for you. 

Sandos Playacar Taxi and Transportation A quick tip is if you go to the street and raise your hand a cab will stop.  Yes there are that many cabs in Playa, Playacar and Cancun.  It is not that expensive to go short distances but can get pricey if you go far.

You do get charged a bit more for being inside the gated city of Playacar.  Expect 100 pesos each way or more depending on how many passengers.

Another serious suggestion is to make sure the driver understands:  #1) where you want to go.  #2) You have a set price to get there in Pesos and exchange money as you enter.  #3) Don’t leave anything behind or it’s gone for good.

You can also rent a car right from the Sandos Playacar lobby area.  There is free parking at all Sandos locations. 

Meet these conditions
  • These terms & conditions apply to all four Sandos Resort locations in Mexico. 
  • You can only use this promotion one time!

To be a Qualified Prospect for this special promotion (Minivac), all requirements listed below must be met:

You will sign this form which will be sent to you.

(Form is filled out by me and emailed to you after completing this booking request)

1.- Married couples must be between 30 and 65 years old when attending the Sales Presentation. They must present valid photo ID’s that include their age, same last name and address as their spouse’s. Otherwise, their children in common (proven) or Marriage Certificate will serve as proof of marriage for married couples. Their annual combined income must be at least $60,000 USD. Married couples must attend the Sales Presentation together.

2.- Cohabitating couples must be between 30 and 65 years old when attending the Sales Presentation. They must present valid ID’s that include their age and same address as their partner. Otherwise, their children in common (proven) will serve as proof of cohabitation. Their annual combined income must be at least $60,000 USD. Cohabitating couples must attend the Sales Presentation together.

3.- Must have a steady legally recorded job. Full time employment only, part time does not qualify for this promotion. Retirees accepted only if one has legally recorded job (pensions or retirement money do not participate)

4.- Qualified Prospects must present at the time of the Sales Presentation at least one (1) personalized valid major credit card such as MasterCard, Visa or American Express (corporate credit cards, Discover credit cards, extension credit cards, debit cards and debit cards that function also as credit cards are NOT accepted).

5.- Must be US or Canadian permanent residents (not including Quebec).

6.- Each Qualified Prospect must present a valid ID such as a passport and driver’s license at the time of the Sales Presentation.

7.- Speak and write fluent English or Spanish and be able to read and sign a legally binding agreement without the help of a translator.

8.- All adult travelers must attend together to the 90-120 minute Sales Presentation of the vacation club at the hotel.

9.- At the moment of check-in to the hotel, the reception will ask for a guarantee deposit on the Qualified Prospect’s credit card for the amount of 1,200USD which will be canceled at the moment the guest checks out of the hotel and has complied with all the requirements detailed on this document.

10.- This package does not apply for clients traveling for special events, as it is informed but not limited to, Group Travel, Weddings and Conventions.

11.- First night of vacation must be in a Sandos hotel.

12.- Only people that arrive to the hotel’s destination by airplane will qualify for this package. Please keep your airline ticket stubs available as a proof of this requirement at the time of the Sales Presentation.

13.- Travelers who do not meet these requirements will lose their status of being a Qualified Prospect for this package resulting in the travelers paying the rack rate of the hotel for total of the stay.

The following do not qualify for this promotion (Minivac) and therefore will lose their status as a Qualified Prospect resulting in the payment of the hotel rack rate:

a) Tourism industry employees, airline, travel agency or hotel industry employees; current or former time-share employees, Ministers or Pastors and retired people.

b) Single clients do not quality for this promotion.

c) Anyone who has attended in the past the Vacation Club Sales Presentation at any Sandos hotel, including members or former members of the Vacation Club belonging to the hotel chain.

d) Participants who had attended or will attend a sales presentation in another hotel 30 days before or 30 days after their stay at the resort.

e) Participants that have used or will use a similar type of package 30 days before or 30 days after their stay at the hotel.

f) Any person whose name is not the original name on the reservation (this Minivac package is not transferable).

g) If friends and/or family are traveling together with different confirmation numbers, none of them will qualify for the promotional package and will be required to pay the rack rate.


• It is the guest’s responsibility to contact the concierge to schedule the appointment for the 90-120 minute Sales Presentation of the hotel’s.

• The Sales Presentation can not take place on the first day or last day of the guest’s vacation stay in the hotel.

• Participants can not have any type of appointment scheduled on the same day of the Sales Presentation.

• If you find flights arriving very early (00:01 to 4:00 am) please talk to your travel agency to add that extra night to your package and avoid inconvenients

• By signing the letter/contract (sent to you), the participants agree and comply with all terms and conditions mentioned previously. Any verbal or written agreement made with the agency that is not contained in this letter, is NOT valid. In case of noncompliance with any of the requirements, the reservation will be cancelled, so if the participants wish to stay in the hotel, they must pay the rack rate on the understanding that the money paid to the travel agency for the promotion will NOT be taken into account to settle the payment.