A collection of articles all about Sandos Finisterra Resort & Spa in downtown Cabo San Lucas.  This is a top Los Cabos area hotel and one of the most popular timeshare vacation promotions on the Baja Peninsula.

Ways To Save On Your Sandos Resort Stay

Save Even More On Sandos Resorts!

Ways To Save Even More

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Royal Elite & Sandos Resort Reviews

I am always looking for feedback on the Royal Elite Vacation Club and Sandos Resorts.  I love this resort chain and am always looking for new and exciting information to share with my readers.  There are many things a person could do here.  You could review your stay in general or pick something specific like the Eco Tour at Sandos Caracol.  

You could just fetch menus and other resort correspondence that I have still not gotten from my resort reps.  Things like the room service menus, spa services menus, wine menus and a bunch more.  These also change by year and the last ones I have received are from 2016!

There are monkeys and other critters that I have written about and could use more videos and written content on.  There are some interesting Mayan Myths that could be written about and expand on.  Heck, there are fish, turtles birds and other things that no one has written about and are all game for a better deal!

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Guest Blogging On Fun Things To Do

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Christmas, New Years & Easter (Spring Break) Timeshare Vacation Promotions

Looking For A Timeshare Deal That Allows Travel Over Prime Holiday Dates?

I have been in this industry for 7 years and in that time I have found only one vacation club that is dependable and consistently allows their promotion to be booked over a holiday week!

(2 adults & 2 kids)

(2 adults & 2 kids)

(2 adults only)

(2 adults & 2 kids)

Get full access over the holidays of Christmas, New Years, Easter or Spring break at Sandos Resorts in trade for you qualifying under some terms and attending a resort sales presentation. 

Experience this themed resort chain and save on your super peak stay! 

Get your fist 5 nights all inclusive at up to 70% off!

Come and learn about the Royal Elite Vacation Club and all the amenities and options available to you and your family through their travel club membership!

Choose a resort above to learn more about a holiday stay at Sandos Resort for a fraction of the cost!

Choose Sandos Playacar, Caracol or Finisterra for:

Holiday (Dec 20th, 2019 – Jan 5th, 2020)
3 Nights $599
4 Nights $799
5 Nights $999

Holiday (Apr 4th – Apr 19th, 2020)
3 Nights $599
4 Nights $799
5 Nights $999

Choose the Sandos Cancun Luxury for:

Holiday (Dec 20th, 2019 – Jan 5th, 2020)
3 Nights $899
4 Nights $1,199
5 Nights $1,499

Holiday (Apr 4th – Apr 19th, 2020)
3 Nights $899
4 Nights $1,199
5 Nights $1,499

Sandos Finisterra Resort & Hotel Grounds Map

Save up to 70% on Sandos Resorts through their timeshare promotion

Sandos Resorts offers a full access timeshare vacation promotion where you can save while learning about their resort membership program.  You get a huge discount and a real savings that averages at $1000 per family!  Have a look at their program and save on your stay at the Sandos Resorts.  Book direct through a certified Sandos Resorts Smart Travel agent!

Downloadable & Printable Sandos Finisterra Map

Here is a second version of the Sandos Finisterra Resort map of grounds!

***Simply click the image above to open it in a new window.  You can then click the image again so get a super large version to display.  Right mouse click the image and select save as to download a copy to your computer or device.

Discover the Sandos Finisterra Resort & Spa located in downtown Cabo San Lucas.  Get your stay at up to 70% off for listening to their vacation club pitch. the map above show the locations of the main buildings including the bars and restaurants.  You can download this and print your own copy!

Customer Review of Timeshare Promo at Sandos Playacar

Interested In Reviewing This Program?  I will compensate you $100 for your review good or bad!  Even if you have a terrible time I want to know your experience!  Your opinion matters and I will publish and send your remarks to the resorts director and to the director of this program!  Your review must be at least 400 words and should include information about the presentation, food, fun and the beach!

Here is a full write up by one of my travelers.  They stayed at the Sandos Playacar in January of 2019.  The only editing I did below was to add heading tags and bold type.

Sandos Playacar Review

Airport and Transportation to/from Airport

A Seek and Go representative was waiting for us right outside the airport doors. She met us and took us to our driver. We rode in a full size passenger van. It was a very comfortable one hour ride and the driver was nice and informative. The fare to the resort was included in the package price.

We booked our return ride from the Seek and Go representative inside the resort lobby and the fare was paid at checkout. They charged $50 USD. It was the same van as the ride to the resort. It is required to leave 4 hours prior to the flight. It is a one hour ride to the airport and you have to check in 3 hours early. Getting through security was not an issue. You have to be sure not to lose the customs receipt that you are given upon arrival or you will have to pay $30 to replace it. Once through security, there are plenty of shops and restaurants to occupy your time.

Arrival at the Resort

There are hotel staff that take your suitcases from the van and hang on to them until you have your room assignment. Once you know your room number they will deliver your bags to your room. At check in, the reception staff explain that you have to confirm your timeshare right away and take the tour. They put a hold on your credit card for $1,500 and if you do not attend then you will be charged. They scan each person’s passport so there is no way to try and get away claiming that a child is under  12 if they are not.  The staff are very nice and they have fresh lemonade to drink while you wait to get checked in. They put a bracelet on your wrist that you keep on the whole time you are there. The adults get a dark blue bracelet and children under 18 get a light blue one. You show your bracelet to get into the restaurants and cafes. There is also a chip in the bracelet that allows you to open the door to your room so there is no need to carry around a room key. They also give you a card to check out beach towels. After getting checked in, we went over to the desk inside the lobby and confirmed out timeshare presentation.


We had a Riviera King Junior Suite, which consisted of a king size bed, a bunk bed with a full size mattress on bottom and twin size mattress on top. There were also two small cribs if people had small children. There is a safe in the closet for passports, money, and other valuables. There is also an iron and ironing board that we used and was quite good. There are also a couple of umbrellas in the closet, which we were lucky enough not to have had to use. The shower has a bath gel and a shampoo dispenser so if you did not want to bring your own shampoo, you would not have to. The A/C has a thermostat but does not work because it is centrally controlled. In the middle of January we did not want to use the A/C and turned it off. There is a sliding glass door leading to the balcony and our room faced the pool. There is a swimsuit rack on the balcony to dry the swimsuits on overnight. The TV gets several English channels.

Be sure to bring your own adapters with multiple plugs. Our room had only 3 available plugs for charging electronics. One was next to the King bed, one next to the bunk bed, and the other was located behind the refrigerator. There is an alarm clock next to the king bed, but if you wanted to charge your phone overnight you had to unplug it. If you come with a family of four and each has a phone to charge, you would not be able to charge them all at the same time. So it is good to bring an adapter that has multiple plugs. That way you can plug the adapter into one outlet and still be able to charge all your devices.


All the restaurants are good. The main restaurant is the International Buffet with a large selection of choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We ate there for breakfast and lunch but went to the other restaurants for dinner. They also serve a buffet breakfast in the restaurant right below the lobby. It is similar to the choices in the main International Buffet but is smaller. The advantage is that it was close to our room.

There was an outdoor Mexican buffet on the Friday night that we were there. There were no tables to sit at but it was fast and good. Artisans had set up their wares and you could walk along and look at their artwork, statuettes, and other crafts. Of course, they wanted to sell them to you but they were not pushy about it. This was located in the central plaza area next to the Meeting Place building and the International Buffet restaurant.

There is only about an hour and a half gap between when breakfast is over and when lunch is served and the same between lunch and dinner. There are cafes open from 10AM to 11PM where you can get snacks if you get hungry in between. The Cupcake Café serves coffee drinks (cappuccinos, lattes) and you can also get smoothies. Next door is a place that has a burrito/taco bar. I did not eat there but the kids did and liked it a lot.  


 Our room was the opposite side of the resort from the beach. There are carts that drive back and forth. You hop on and ride to the beach and then back to the room. The main buffet restaurant is close to the beach and you can ride the cart to get there. There is also a Nature Walk that cuts through the center of the resort that goes from the lobby area to the Meeting Place, which is next to the International Buffet restaurant. At a fairly brisk walk it only takes 6 or 7 minutes to get there. There are a lot of little signs along the way that had inspirational messages. They were things like one of my favorites, “Everything in excess in bad- except vacations”.  


The Wi-Fi in the lobby was strong. In our room, and in the restaurants, it was OK. The beach was spotty. I could send and receive text messages on the beach but not all the time. I did receive a phone call from a friend stateside while I was on the beach. He called to talk to me about the snow storm that was hitting Boston at the time. It was a high of 7 degrees that day. I had to inform him that I was unconcerned because I was sitting on the beach in Mexico!

We have T-Mobile and I have an iPhone 6S. My wife has a newer iPhone and got better reception. She would send me a message and sometimes I got it right away and other times I would not get it until I got close to the lobby. However, whenever I sent her a message she got it right away no matter where she was.

Evening Shows

Each night had a different show. We saw a traditional Mexican dance show and a Shakira tribute show. Both were excellent. The theater is outdoors and you sit at round tables meant for 4 people. You can bring your drinks to the table and there are also waitresses who will bring you drinks, as well. While we were there in the middle of January, the evenings were a little chilly. I wished I had brought a sweater or a light jacket.

Timeshare Presentation

We met at the Meeting Place at 8:30AM. We checked in at a desk and they took us to another office where they took copies of our driver’s licenses to verify that my wife and I lived at the same address. They also took a copy of my credit card. They asked about our combined salary but did not ask for any proof. Next, we were introduced to our hostess, who was to show us around and explain how the program worked. We started off by eating breakfast in the International Buffet and we got to know more about each other. Or rather, her getting to know more about us. Because we had already been there a couple of days, we knew the resort, the pools, and the beach so there was no need for us to tour these. We went see one of the haciendas, where the members stay when they are there. These had three rooms- two bedrooms and a living room in the middle. Each bedroom had its own bathroom. There was a small pool in the back along with a patio. The hacienda had an upstairs and a downstairs that shared the pool and patio. The members also had access to members-only pools and clubs for grabbing a drink. Members also got better quality drinks. Once we finished the tour we were brought back to the Mexican restaurant and sat at a table. Our hostess was thorough with the information.  Of course, her job is to sell so she wanted us to buy into their program. I had come prepared for a hard sell but they did not do that. We had asked a lot of questions and were straight forward with explaining how the program did not fit our family at this particular time. The way we explained it with using numbers of how much their program cost, $21,000 at 14% interest to be paid over 5 years might work for some people did not work for us. Her supervisor came over to the table and I explained it to him, as well. I broke it down on paper and showed him how it did not fit for us. They were nice and while I am sure that they were disappointed they were not pushy and did not give us any kind of attitude, which was what I was half expecting. When we gave them our final answer, no, they took us over to a counter where we were given a piece of paper verifying that we had completed our obligation of participating in the presentation. We needed to show this upon check out so we would not be charged the $1,500 hold that they had put on my credit card. The presentation was supposed to take 90 minutes. We met at 8:30, had breakfast, and did not finish until 1PM. 

Outside Excursions

One afternoon we went to Sandos Caracol. The taxi ride was $17USD each way and took around 20 minutes. Once there we could enjoy all facilities and eat in their restaurants. The beach at Playacar is so much better. The Eco resort has a better water park for kids. It also has better nature walks and more animals such as the coatis.

One evening we went into the town of Playa Carmen. The taxi ride was $7USD each way and took around 10 minutes. There were lots of stores to walk around. We did not eat, but did have a drink in one of the restaurants. They have evening shows in the main plaza. The night we were there we saw a Mayan show. We sat down on the step in front of the performance area and were on the front row. The show was excellent. Afterwards, you could take photos with the dancers who were dressed in Mayan costumes. They work on tips.

 We also did a snorkel tour offered by the resort dive shop. We took a 20 minute boat ride to a small cove. This must have been the only spot around because there were several other boats there, as well. The guide asked if we wanted the briefing in Spanish or English. All of us were American so we said in English. He did it in Spanish and it was a pretty lame briefing even in Spanish. He did not explain how to get on and off the boat or that we were to stay with him on the tour. He just kind of said that you get into the water and kind of go here and there. There are some fish and coral. Let’s go. There was not much coral at all. I saw some small brain coral and a patch of lumpy coral here and there. It was mostly rocks. The guide brought bread so fish would come up to us. There were not very many of them and after the bread was gone so were they.  The only highlight was a green sea turtle and a southern sting ray that would come close by several times.  It cost $45/adult and $35/children. If it was not for the fact that my kids had never seen a turtle or stingray it would not have been worth it.

Videos: Sandos Timeshare Promo VS Retail & Wholesale

Save up to 70% on Sandos Resorts through their timeshare promotion

Sandos Resorts offers a full access timeshare vacation promotion where you can save while learning about their resort membership program.  You get a huge discount and a real savings that averages at $1000 per family!  Have a look at their program and save on your stay at the Sandos Resorts.  Book direct through a certified Sandos Resorts Smart Travel agent!

Compare the real savings this full access vacation promotion can give you!

I have been promoting the Royal Elite Vacation Club for about 6 years and I can say that this promo really does save you a chunk of cash!  Check out these screen casts comparisons between the Sandos minivac, Sandos retail and Hotels.com.  

I’m working on getting a few more screen-casts up for you soon.  Let me know if there is a specific video screen-cast you would like to see!

Sandos Finisterra Pictures & Videos

Save up to 70% on Sandos Resorts through their timeshare promotion

Sandos Resorts offers a full access timeshare vacation promotion where you can save while learning about their resort membership program.  You get a huge discount and a real savings that averages at $1000 per family!  Have a look at their program and save on your stay at the Sandos Resorts.  Book direct through a certified Sandos Resorts Smart Travel agent!

Here is my growing collection of Sandos Finisterra Videos:

Sandos Finisterra Vacation Timeshare Promotion Details

Sandos Finisterra Resort & Spa Timeshare Promotion:

(Blvd. Paseo de la Marina S/N, Marina, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico)

The Sandos Finisterra is a 5 star resort located in the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas.  It’s really close to El Arco, Medano Beach & Lover’s Island!  You get the Finisterra Junior Ocean View Suite with your choice of king bed or two double beds.  That room is pictured to the left!  It comes with a full or partial view of the ocean.  Maximum room capacity is 3 adults and 2 children OR 2 adults and 3 children.

Finisterra Timeshare Promo Prices (2018/2019/2020):

(2 adults & 2 kids included in the base package)

Peak (Now to Aug 18th, 2019)
3 Nights $360
4 Nights $480
5 Nights $599

Off-Peak (Aug 19th to Dec 19th, 2019)
3 Nights $240
4 Nights $320
5 Nights $399

Holiday (Dec 20th, 2019 – Jan 5th, 2020)
3 Nights $599
4 Nights $799
5 Nights $999

Peak (Jan 6th – Apr 3rd, 2020)
3 Nights $360
4 Nights $480
5 Nights $599

Holiday (Apr 4th – Apr 19th, 2020)
3 Nights $599
4 Nights $799
5 Nights $999

Peak (Apr 20th, 2020 – Aug ?, 2020)
3 Nights $360
4 Nights $480
5 Nights $599

*Bisbee’s fishing tournament 20-27 October same prices and fees as shown in Christmas dates.

Extra night & guest charges:
You can travel up to 7 nights through this Cabo timeshare presentation offer. Extra adults cost me $100 per night and children 12 and younger $50 per night (except holidays, $200/$100). There are hitches here when you get outside of the base package of 5 nights and 4 guests (2/2). We have access only to the base suite and there are occupancy rules for that room type. Once we exceed that we can get a second room, but it costs double adult occupancy. The base suite will hold 2 adults and 3 children (12 and younger) or 3 adults and 2 children.

 *This Cabo San Lucas timeshare promotion is all inclusive and includes (for one price) 2 adults with up to 2 kids.  Children must be under 13 years of age at the time of travel.  Once a child turns 13 they are charged at an adult rate.  Included for free is one-way “private” transfer from the Los Cabos International Airport direct to the Sandos Finisterra Resort & Spa.  There are no blackout dates except on the next 15 days of travel. You can travel up to 7 nights through this vacation deal and occupy up to 2 suites up to max occupancy.

Here are the Sandos Resorts & Royal Elite Vacation Club Discovery Tour Terms & Conditions:

(See the document you will sign)

  • Note:  The $1200 deposit at check-in & basic terms guarantee you are the type of consumer (not broke) that the resort wants to pitch their program too.  You must be a couple building a life together (with or without children) and meet the terms & conditions fully.  This deposit allows the resort to sift through those that abuse vacation programs and pitch their product to those that have money, credit and the ability to afford resort membership. 
  • The deposit also allows them to give you more (full retail access) by not wasting their marketing budget on those that abuse vacation deals.  This is a highly established program that has incredible year round availability and has been running over 10 years.  I consider this offer valuable and a program worth looking at.

To be a Qualified Prospect for this special promotion (Minivac), all requirements listed below must be met:

1.- Married couples must be between 30 and 65 years old when attending the Sales Presentation. They must present valid photo ID’s that include their age, same last name and address as their spouse’s. Otherwise, their children in common (proven) or Marriage Certificate will serve as proof of marriage for married couples. Their annual combined income must be at least $60,000 USD. Married couples must attend the Sales Presentation together.

2.- Cohabitating couples must be between 30 and 65 years old when attending the Sales Presentation. They must present valid ID’s that include their age and same address as their partner. Otherwise, their children in common (proven) will serve as proof of cohabitation. Their annual combined income must be at least $60,000 USD. Cohabitating couples must attend the Sales Presentation together.

3.- Must have a steady legally recorded job. Full time employment only, part time does not qualify for this promotion. Retirees accepted only if one has legally recorded job (pensions or retirement money do not participate)

4.- Qualified Prospects must present at the time of the Sales Presentation at least one (1) personalized valid major credit card such as MasterCard, Visa or American Express (corporate credit cards, Discover credit cards, extension credit cards, debit cards and debit cards that function also as credit cards are NOT accepted).

5.- Must be US or Canadian permanent residents (not including Quebec).

6.- Each Qualified Prospect must present a valid ID such as a passport and driver’s license at the time of the Sales Presentation.

7.- Speak and write fluent English or Spanish and be able to read and sign a legally binding agreement without the help of a translator.

8.- All adult travelers must attend together to the 90-120 minute Sales Presentation of the vacation club at the hotel.

9.- At the moment of check-in to the hotel, the reception will ask for a guarantee deposit on the Qualified Prospect’s credit card for the amount of 1,200USD which will be canceled at the moment the guest checks out of the hotel and has complied with all the requirements detailed on this document.

10.- This package does not apply for clients traveling for special events, as it is informed but not limited to, Group Travel, Weddings and Conventions.

11.- First night of vacation must be in a Sandos hotel.

12.- Only people that arrive to the hotel’s destination by airplane will qualify for this package. Please keep your airline ticket stubs available as a proof of this requirement at the time of the Sales Presentation.

13.- Travelers who do not meet these requirements will lose their status of being a Qualified Prospect for this package resulting in the travelers paying the rack rate of the hotel for total of the stay.

The following do not qualify for this promotion (Minivac) and therefore will lose their status as a Qualified Prospect resulting in the payment of the hotel rack rate:

a) Tourism industry employees, airline, travel agency or hotel industry employees; current or former time-share employees, Ministers or Pastors and retired people.

b) Single clients do not quality for this promotion.

c) Anyone who has attended in the past the Vacation Club Sales Presentation at any Sandos hotel, including members or former members of the Vacation Club belonging to the hotel chain.

d) Participants who had attended or will attend a sales presentation in another hotel 30 days before or 30 days after their stay at the resort.

e) Participants that have used or will use a similar type of package 30 days before or 30 days after their stay at the hotel.

f) Any person whose name is not the original name on the reservation (this Minivac package is not transferable).

g) If friends and/or family are traveling together with different confirmation numbers, none of them will qualify for the promotional package and will be required to pay the rack rate.


• It is the guest’s responsibility to contact the concierge to schedule the appointment for the 90-120 minute Sales Presentation of the hotel’s.

• The Sales Presentation can not take place on the first day or last day of the guest’s vacation stay in the hotel.

• Participants can not have any type of appointment scheduled on the same day of the Sales Presentation.

• If you find flights arriving very early (00:01 to 4:00 am) please talk to your travel agency to add that extra night to your package and avoid inconvenients

• By signing the letter/contract (sent to you), the participants agree and comply with all terms and conditions mentioned previously. Any verbal or written agreement made with the agency that is not contained in this letter, is NOT valid. In case of noncompliance with any of the requirements, the reservation will be cancelled, so if the participants wish to stay in the hotel, they must pay the rack rate on the understanding that the money paid to the travel agency for the promotion will NOT be taken into account to settle the payment.

This is one of the top all inclusive timeshare presentations available in Cabo San Lucas.  In fact, the Sandos Finisterra offers full access and is located in downtown Cabo.  So if you were looking for a Los Cabos timeshare promotion this Cabo timeshare presentation deal is a must look at!

Included In-Room Amenities:

  • In-room air conditioning.
  • Balcony or terrace.
  • Bathtub & shower.
  • In-room safe.
  • Coffeemaker & supplies.
  • Minibar with beer, juices, soft drinks, water & mineral water.
  • Iron and ironing board.
  • Clock radio with alarm.
  • Hairdryer.
  • Sofa with pull out bed.
  • Telephone landline.
  • Flat screen TV with satellite.
  • Free WiFi in-room.

Included All Inclusive Amenities:

  • All on-resort meals and snacks included free.
  • Unlimited national drinks, sodas, and international wines and cocktails from 10:00am-2:00am.
  • Waiter service for drinks in the pool and beach areas.
  • 24-hour room service free.
  • Tennis (with reservation) includes equipment, balls and rackets. Please use adequate clothing and shoes.
  • Gym with city and bay views.
  • Daily activities program with the entertainment and sports team: aerobics classes, stretching, beach activities, pool games, water aerobics, pool basketball, pool volleyball, etc.
  • Kids’ Club (ages 4–12) from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m.
  • Baby Club (ages 2–3) from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m. With a special activities program.
  • WiFi included in the entire hotel.
  • Tips and taxes included.

Overview Resort Facilities:

  • 272 total suites with 8 Finisterra Junior Ocean View Suites for this promotion.
  • 4 restaurants.
  • 1 café.
  • 5 bars.
  • 1 nighttime lounge bar.
  • 3 pools in the beach area, one of them for adults only.
  • 1 exclusive clifftop pool with marina views for Finisterra Suites guests.
  • 7 outdoor Jacuzzi’s.
  • 2 lighted tennis courts.
  • WiFi included.
  • Baby Club (ages 2–3) from 10 am until 1 pm and from 3 pm until 6 pm.
  • Kids’ Club (ages 4–12) from 10 am until 10 pm.
  • Fully equipped gym (Techno-gym, 18+ years).

Restaurant Info:

Don Diego

Buffet restaurant with gourmet breakfast and international themed buffet dinners.

Breakfast: 7:00am – 11:00am

Lunch: 12:30 – 4:00 p.m.(seasonal)

Dinner: 6:00pm – 11:00pm


Snack bar during the day & steakhouse at night.

Snacks served: 10:30am – 5:30pm

Dinner served: 6:00pm – 11:00pm


Wood oven fired pizza, calzones & more.

Lunch served: 12:30 – 4:00pm

Tortuga Beach

Beachfront restaurant.

Dinner served: 6:00pm-11:00pm

Emiliano’s Osteria

Italian restaurant serving pasta & Italian specialties.

Dinner served: 6:00pm – 11:00pm

Bar Info:

Cupcake Café

Desserts, coffee, drinks and sandwiches.

Open from 7am – 8pm

La Palapa Bar

Swim up bar in the adults only pool area.

Open from 10am – 6pm

The Stones Club

Nighttime lounge bar with ocean views.

Open from 10am – 2am

The Whale Watcher Bar

Clifftop lounge “adults oriented” with bar, WiFi, terrace and ocean view.

Open from 4pm – 10pm

Plaza Finisterra

Clifftop terrace with bay views designed for theme nights, live  entertainment, fire pits and more.

*Subject to event and entertainment times.

Rocca Lounge

Located in the lobby with views of the beach and the sea.

Open from 7 a.m. until 12 midnight (alcohol served from 10 a.m.)

Additional Cost Services (**):

  • Meeting and events facilities for groups.**
  • Spa with sauna, steam room, diverse temperature pools, hydrotherapy, solarium, massages, treatments and facials.**
  • Diving and snorkeling excursions.**
  • 6 luxury treatment and massage cabins, each with a natural stone wall or Cabo San Lucas views**
  • Diverse temperature pools**
  • Beauty salon.**
  • Tours Desk.**
  • Car rental.**
  • Shopping area.**
  • Computers with internet access.**
  • Currency exchange.**
  • Medical service.**
  • Transportation.**
  • Nearby golf courses.**
  • Hydrotherapy tubs and showers**
  • Sauna**
  • Sports fishing.**
  • Eco adventure.**
  • Tours of San José del Cabo, Todos Santos, La Paz and more.**
  • Steam baths**
  • Beauty salon with lavish hand, foot and nail treatments**

Sandos Finisterra Reviews:

TripAdvisor.com consumers give the Sandos Finisterra an overall 90% rating or 4.5 out of 5 stars!  Click to open in new window.

Monarch.ca (Canada) consumers give the Sandos Finisterra an overall 84% rating or 4.23 out of 5 butterflies!  Click to open in new window.

Hotels.com consumers give the Sandos Finisterra an overall 85% rating or a 4.3 out of 5 stars!  Click to open in new window.

Booking.com consumers give the Sandos Finisterra an overall 86% rating or 8.6 out of 10!  Click to open in new window.

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Sandos Finisterra Beach Resort & Spa Resources:

So What Exactly Are You Going To Look At?

At Sandos & many other resorts, there are above retail options available to members only.  Some refer to these options as timeshare, vacation club or travel clubs.  At Sandos it’s called membership and on future trips (via paid membership) you would get these benefits which are above what you can buy retail!  You do not get this type of access through this promotion but rather I thought it important to share this with you so you get a basic idea of what you are being pitched.

  • Royal Elite bracelet not retail bracelet.
  • Preferred Treatment at the Reception.
  • Preferred All Inclusive rate.
  • Special rates for children 0-2 years (free), 3-12 years (50% discount), 13-17 years (30% discount).
  • Exclusive Butler.
  • Access to Tortuga Beach Club exclusive for Royal Elite members open from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm where you can enjoy the special service of your beach butler and the Bali beds.
  • Access to Bali beds exclusive for Royal Elite members in principal pools (Making the reservation one day before with Butler).
  • Free Wi-Fi access in designated areas and in your room.
  • Free access to the SPA areas (Jacuzzi, Steam Room & Sauna) - previous reservation required.
  • Welcome amenities, bathrobes, and slippers in the room.
  • 24 Hour room service.
  • Preferential reservations dinner in our Á La Carte Restaurants. (Making the reservation with Customer Service or Butler before 3:30 pm).
  • Special pricing on excursions (Making the reservation with the Activities desk).
  • Special pricing on Golf and Yachts (If included in your Membership; previous reservation required).
  • Special Pricing on Ground Transportation (Airport-Hotel-Airport; previous reservation required).
  • 25% Discount at the SPA.
  • 25% Discount on the laundry service.
  • 30% Discount on the Á La Carte wine list.
  • 30% Discount on romantic dinners.
  • 30% Discount on Day Pass for Members and their guests.
  • 50% Discount on phone calls from your room.
  • 3 VIP Referral Cards.

The above amenities are NOT included in this discovery tour!  It is what you would experience through membership which is above what you can buy through travel websites like Expedia (via retail).  Membership also gets you benefits at all the other Sandos Resort locations (9+) and they are different at each location.  Discover Royal Elite Benefits here!