Let me sell or rent your Royal Elite weeks!

Got timeshare weeks your not using?

I get a lot of visitors that look at the Sandos Resort promo offered by Royal Elite.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s the intake vacation that saves you a grand on your stay for attending their sales tour. 

Rent or Sell Sandos Resorts or Royal Elite Weeks

If you bought into the Royal Elite Vacation Club then you may have visited the resort originally through this timeshare offer.  I am always looking for a way to add a service and could post your timeshare onsite.

This website ranks on Google for Sandos Resorts products and could get you good exposure.  I know a lot about the Sandos Resorts in Mexico and get traffic related to timeshare and the Sandos Smart Agent program. 

If you have weeks available I would love to chat with you!

As I grow this section I am also open to your suggestions.  You may have tried to rent or sell your weeks before.  What went wrong?  I want to here your story.  I work one on one with consumers and offer a more traditional online travel agent service.

Having this as an added service will enhance my offerings to every aspect of a Sandos holiday.  Consumers that don’t want timeshare or are really serious about buying a timeshare, could travel through the Royal Elite member side.

Let me help you lead generate for the sale or rental of your Royal Elite Weeks!