Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is A Timeshare Promotion?

A timeshare promotion offers a free gift or stay in trade for a consumer listening to a resorts sales pitch, normally 90 to 120 minutes.  You’re trade can be small Visa gift card ($100) or an all inclusive vacation.  Every timeshare offer has it’s own terms and conditions that must be met by the user.  There are several types timeshare promotions like walk-ins, accommodation only and all inclusive stays.

What Are These Resorts Selling?

Resorts and hotels are in business of selling room nights and accommodations.  Not only do they sell nights at retail but they sell future nights in an assortment of accommodations.  There are many types of offers that resorts make from temporary possession to a hard ownership like timeshare.  The most popular these days I believe are point based systems that rate a resort and a specific night or set of nights.  This allows the nights to be banked or traded with services like RCI or Interval International.

What Is The Timeshare Presentation Like?

A timeshare presentation can be extremely high pressure and it’s not for everyone.  The resorts sales team will show you incredible vacation deals and then push you to make a decision.  The presentation is more of a one on one with a resort sales rep.  They will show you what the resort has to offer and cater a package deal you can afford. 

Are These Resort & Hotel Offers Real?

Yes, these promotions are provided by resorts and hotels all over the world. They are an incentive for attending a timeshare presentation or sales pitch normally about 120 minutes.   They come in varying values from almost worthless ($100) to several thousand dollars in value.  The most common timeshare packages are accommodation only stays or walk-ins where you get a free gift.  The highest end of vacation promotions are the all inclusive 5 star resort offers like Sandos Resorts!

 What Does All Inclusive Mean?

All inclusive means that the vacation offer includes all your meals, drinks, snacks and even alcohol.  It does not mean that you get free flights or plane tickets.  Many resorts also offer an assortment of accommodations for free.  All inclusive timeshare promotions have harder terms and conditions, but are incredibly more valuable.  On average the Sandos Resort promo will save a family $1000 or more!

Higher end resorts (like Sandos) will also have specialty restaurants above their basic restaurants.  In many timeshare offers this may be eliminated from the promotion which lessens their value.  Sandos Resorts allows for 1-3 visits to their high end restaurants during your deluxe timeshare promo stay.  This increases the value & quality of the vacation promotion by up to $600!

Why 3-7 Business Days To Get A Reservation Number?

To my knowledge there are very few hotels that offer timeshare promotions in-house besides the high end companies like Diamond or Marriott.  That means that hotels use marketing companies and no one has direct access to the hotels reservations computer.  

I agree that this is an issue and most companies won’t even tell you about this 3-7 day time delay. The truth is that this condition is industry wide and all call-centers or marketing companies have the same waiting period.  Even if they have a hotel booking widget claiming otherwise. 

Sandos averages at 4 business days for a promo issued reservation.

Is Group Travel (Couples Traveling Together) Allowed?

Yes and no, almost all timeshare promotions have a condition that voids use for group or multi-couple travel.   If this applies to you Sandos does allow 2 couples to travel together under certain conditions.  Specifically, you can only buy one timeshare package and then add the second family or couple to your package as extra travelers.  You cannot buy two separate timeshare packages for you, family or friends.

Why So Many Terms & Conditions?

Each resort and hotel creates their own terms based on sales and conversion of their club.  The reason they have these terms is simple.  It’s all about their bottom line and conversion rate.  Every consumer that travels through a promotion is graphed on a chart by age, income and if they bought. The resort knows where they win and where they lose.

At the end of the day these promotions are all about selling vacation ownership, not giving you a cheap trip. One out of every four or five couples that travels using a promotion will buy something! That’s a good fact to know.

What Does $1500 Hold & Major Credit Card Mean?

You will need a major credit card for general check-in and for the deposit of $1500.  They require this to cover incidentals and as a way to guarantee you meet the basic terms and conditions you are signing.  You self qualify for this promotion and as long as you give the resort it’s time and meet the terms, you will not be charged. 

You do not need to pay for this promotion with a major credit card.  You just need that for check-in and the hold/deposit.  This one condition creates availability year round and deters people who aren’t super qualified!

PS. You absolutely must nail this one!  If you get to Mexico and your card doesn’t work or they can’t get that deposit.  The resort will cancel your reservation and you will have to pay retail or leave. 

What Do You Mean The Dining Is Limited?

Actually the dining isn’t limited.  You still get all the food and drink you want but only at the basic restaurants.  Many high-end resorts have specialty dining as does Sandos.  Not only do you have the regular dining, bar and snack options, but you get access to the specialty restaurant too.  Each Sandos Resort has a different set of specialty restaurants.  On a 3 or 4 nights stay you dine once on a 5 night stay you dine twice and on a 6 or 7 night stay you dine three times!

Do We Need A Passport?

Absolutely, don’t ever leave your country with out one.  Every passenger will need to have a passport including all children regardless of age.  The process does take a few weeks unless you pay to expedite it.  Your local post office is where you go to get started or search online.

PS.  You’re passport also must be current or they won’t let you on the plane!

What Happens If We Lie?

If you get caught you will forfeit your promotional package and lose all funds you paid us for your trip.  Plus, you will be billed by the resort at a rate equal to the regular rack rate for your stay or be escorted off the resort grounds.  People have tried all sorts of funny business including fake marriage certificates.  This is the reason why nicer promotions/resorts require a deposit at check-in.  This guarantees you meet the terms or you pay for your reservation.

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