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Sandos Caracol Wildlife Rescue & Mini Farm

Sandos Caracol Eco has a mini farm where animals in bad situations have been relocated.  There are now more than a dozen animals that you could see during your stay. 

Plus, daily the Sandos Caracol has a tour called the Animal Keeper and an Eco tour!  These tours are informative and you sign up at the front desk.

They include Agouti, Iguanas, Donkeys, Macaws, Sea Turtles, Red-Eared Slider Turtles, Rabbits, Roosters, Hens, Pigs, Goats, Coatis (Nasua), Cats, Raccoons, Deer, Peacocks, Birds, Fish, Spider Monkeys and Xoloitzcuintle (hairless dogs).

Coatis at Sandos Caracol Eco Resort

White Nosed Coati

My favorite are the Coatis also known as: 

Mexican raccoon, Coati, Coatimundi, Pizot, Hog-nosed raccoon, Tejón, Moncún, Cusumbo, Cuchucho, Cholugo, Gato Solo, Hog Nosed Coon and Nasua.

These guys and girls travel and live in packs from 5 to 20.  If you see and feed one it won’t be long before a bunch more show up. 

Coatis are 13 to 27 inches in length and weigh 4 to 18 pounds.  They sleep in elevated areas like the forest canopy and can be active both day or night.  Coatis live about 7 years in the wild but can live in captivity up to 15. 

Coatis are omnivores and their diet consists of ground litter, invertebrates, tarantula, and fruit.  They also eat small vertebrate prey such as lizards, rodents, small birds, bird eggs and crocodile eggs.

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Agouti or Sereque

Agoutis have five front and three hind toes; the first toe is very small. The tail is very short or nonexistent and hairless.  Agoutis are very shy and live in the forest areas.

aguoti sandos caracol eco resort animals

They are very fast rodents and sit upright eating with their front fore paws.  Agoutis are excellent swimmers and have a diet that consists of fruit, leaves, roots, eggs, shell fish and Brazil nuts.  They have very sharp teeth!

Learn more about Agoutis on Wikipedia!

sandos caracol eco spider monkey wildlife
Spider Monkeys

Spider Monkey

The Spider Monkey (Wiki) is an endangered new world monkey (Wiki).  Spider Monkeys are in the Atelidae family which are the only primates to have a tail they can grab things with. 

The Spider Monkey is one of the largest monkeys and lives in the upper rain forest.  They eat mainly fruits and nuts.  If food is scarce they may eat insects, leaves, bird eggs, bark and honey.  They live in groups of 15 to 40 and there primary predators are humans.

New studies show that the Spider Monkey is the smartest of the new world monkeys.  They can live up to 22 years and there tail is twice as long as their body!

Here are a few images of other animals and wildlife at Sandos Caracol Eco!

Macaw Sandos Caracol Eco Wildlife
Pigs Sandos Caracol Eco Wildlife
Peacock Sandos Caracol Eco Resort Wildlife
Donkeys Sandos Caracol Eco Wildlife
Cats Sandos Caracol Eco Wildlife
Red Eared Slider Turtle Sandos Caracol Eco Wildlife
Red Eared Slider Turtle
White Tailed Deer Sandos caracol Eco Wildlife
White Tailed Deer
Raccoons Sandos Caracol Eco Wildlife
Hairless Mexican Dogs Sandos Caracol Eco Wildlife
Hairless Dogs - Xoloitzcuintle

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