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Playacar: A Directory To Everything Here!

Playacar MexicoAre you looking for a very secure area to spend your next vacation?  Playacar Mexico was designed for just that, scared insecure vacationers.  Playacar is located just south of Playa Del Carmen and is a gated secure are that you have to go through security to get into.  Even better than that is the independent security that each of the resorts offers it’s guests.

Videos:  A general video playlist of everything Playacar.

Videos include the Xaman Bird Aviary, Xaman Mayan Ruins, the general shopping area, Playacar Beach and the pro golf course.

Background Of Playacar Mexico

Playacar Mexico is a gated community that was started in 1979 and consists of 2 phases.  Phase One consists of High end housing which includes some of the most expensive beachfront property in the area.  Phase two consists of Phase 2 a large golf course, more houses, condominiums, a bird aviary park, small shopping area and all inclusive resorts.  Phase two is the larger part of the playacar development.

Phase one has just one entrance and exit which has a security checkpoint.  Phase two has 4 entrances and exits which are also guarded.  The main entrance to phase two is off of 10th avenue.

The beach front area in front of both phases is approximately 2.5 miles and has few public access points.  If you are not staying in Playacar phase one or two, then you will have to walk down from Playa Del Carmen (north of the development).  The phase two side of Playacar has the big hotels and resorts which are mainly all inclusives. 

Each resort and hotel has their own security and they own the beach chairs throughout the area.  There is no public service here for those that are not staying in the corresponding hotel or resorts.

Playacar has security at the entrances, within the resorts and roaming throughout the entire development.  The roads are nice to bike, walk and run and are well maintained throughout the development.

Playacar Hotels & Resorts:

There are a over 2 dozen resorts & hotels in the gated city of Playacar.  They include all inclusives and non inclusives.  Some appear to be in construction as they were listed for sale.  In most cases I did not post the realtor or sales site as that will soon come down.  If you find a link to a property and I don’t have it, post it in the comments below.

Playacar Villas, Apartments & Homes

Here is a list of all the villas, apartments and homes that are for rent throughout Playacar.  You can find many of these on AirBnb and VRBO.  If the property had a website I listed it for your review.  These place come fully furnished and have extra amenities like pools and everything needed to live short or long term.  Definately check as each one will be different and unique.

Playacar Bed & Breakfasts

Looking for something a little more personal with a homeowners touch?  Bed and Breakfast are a great way to experience home while away.  Here is a collection of B-n-B’s located withing the Playacar Mexico division.

Playacar Condominiums

There are a few condos or condominiums inside Playacar.  In fact, they are still building some towards the back end of Playacar.  Where I could I added links so you could check them out.  In many cases the main property did not have a website.  In many of those cases I found the next best link and shared it.  Many of these larger condo systems have unit that are for rent on AirBnB.  Those would be listed above in the villa, apartment and homes section.

Playacar Other Things To Note, See & Do

Here is a collection of the many stores, services and shoppes within the Playacar division and a few just on the outskirts.  Where possible I have included links to their websites and in English if possible.  Have a look at all the things you can find in Playacar Mexico.

Google Playacar Map

The map below is fully interactive and will allow you to see where all the above places are actually at.  The entire Phase Two area is actually a circle with roads that come off that circle and dead end.  The Phase One section is all the way to the right and close to the ocean.  It is a single road that runs north to south.  Playacar is located 50 minutes south of the Cancun International Airport.

Hard Rock Campo de Golf Playacar Mexico

The Hard Rock Golf Course is an all inclusive golfing experience located inside the Playacar complex.  The course was designed by Robert von Hagge and is a Riviera Maya 18 hole par 72 course.  They offer club rental, shoe rental, golf carts and several other amenities.   Here is a YouTube Playlist of all 18 holes!

Looking To Plan A Wedding In Playacar Mexico?

One of the nicest areas of beach in Playacar is located in front of the Sandos Playacar Beach Resort & Spa.  If you are looking for a place in Playacar to plan your wedding or even the renewing of your vows, Sandos Playacar should be an option you look into.  I have written a post about the many options you have before you customize to your personal taste.  Check it out here:  Playacar Weddings 

Looking for more videos?

Here are a few other collections of videos related to the Playacar Phase One & Phase Two complexes.