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Discover the many options you have for transfer across the Cancun area:

(Taxi apps like Uber, shared transfer, private transfer, luxury transfer).

Uber Transfer App In Cancun:

***As of July 12, 2019 Uber has NOT restarted in Cancun Mexico!

Several articles have stated that the announced date of July 6. 2019 may be set back by up to 2 months!  The bigger question may be do you as an American or Canadian want to risk your life or family’s life by getting into an Uber in Cancun?

Videos Related To Uber’s trouble In Cancun!

(Warning: Some videos are graphic & contain violence!

Why do they pick on Uber?

Uber offers some of the cheapest rates for a taxi ever seen in the transportation industry, including Cancun. 

There are many benefits and issues with Uber that consumers, drivers and other local service providers have.  Here are a list of the positives and negatives of the Uber App system.

  • App Driven E-hail Car Service
  • Cash Less Transactions
  • Drivers/Passengers Rate Each Other
  • Opens Market For Employment
  • Less Expensive, Upfront Consistent Pricing
  • Drivers Log In & Out As Needed
  • Driver Owned Vehicles
  • Extremely Convenient For Consumers
  • Affiliate Or Referral Program
  • Transport From Many Locations
  • Different Service Tiers Available
  • Multiple Passengers Same Price
  • Older Cars Not Allowed
  • Clean Drivers Record
  • Immediate Service (Under 10 Minutes)
  • All Drivers & Passengers Insured
  • GPS Tracking All Rides
  • Surge Or High Demand Pricing
  • Trip Cancellations
  • Less Experienced Drivers
  • Not Commercially Licensed
  • Low Fairs Hurt Drivers
  • Driver Responsible For Their Own Repairs
  • Drivers Work Harder For Less
  • Traditional Taxis Go Out Of Business
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Poor Driver to Uber Communication
  • Computer Not Human Driven Automation
  • Poor Driver Benefits
  • No Safety Training For Drivers
  • Subcontractor Not An Employee
  • Uber Denies Liability When Shit happens
  • No Taxes Withheld
  • Driver Pays For Gas

Is It Safe To Take An Uber In Cancun Mexico?

So far to my knowledge there have not been any serious injuries to passengers taking Ubers to and from locations in Cancun.  There have been reported attacks on Uber Drivers though.  Several passengers have been held up and caught up in incidents between Uber and taxi drivers.

There are others options for you to choose should you worry about these the conflict between Taxi;’s and Uber.

Other Taxi Apps In Cancun:

Included here would be the many areas associated with the Yucatan & Quintana Roo provinces.  Areas include Merida, Playa del Carmen, Playacar, Puerto Morelos, Tulum, Cozumel, Akumal, Valladolid and Coba.

Here are some other options to consider!  Not all these options are available in Cancun but they do have a presence in Mexico and are expected in Cancun before the end of 2020!

Cabify Or Easy Rideshare Taxi App

Another 2019 option for a rideshare taxi app is Cabify or Easy.  They seem to be less known but a more accepted transfer option in Cancun.  Get the Easy/Cabify App on Google Play here.  Looking for the Apple version of Easy/Cabify, go here.

There are a bunch of reviews for the Cabify/Easy Taxi Cab App but they are mixed in that they included over 30 countries and 130 cities.  Hard to tell which reviews are just for Cancun and the areas around Cancun like Playa del Carmen, Playacar, Tulum and Cozumel. 

Check out the Main website for Cabify here.  You can also visit the old Easy Taxi website here, but it is not in English and renders funny.

A few features about the app would be the ability to share your ride details to a friend for added security and pictures of the driver that is picking you up.  The app will also show you the mak, model and plate number of your ordered taxi.

Looking for more information?  Check out Cabify/Easy on Wikipedia.

InDriver Rideshare Taxi App

InDriver was founded in Yakutsk, the coldest place in the world, Siberia.  They are also expanding quickly throughout the Mexico market.  You can visit the InDriver Taxi App website here.  Get the Android InDriver App here or the Apple InDriver App here.

Learn more about on the InDriver Wiki page here.

DiDi Rideshare Taxi App

DiDi is a fast expanding taxi app that is considered a competitor of Ubers.  There main market is China but they are expanding quickly throughout Mexico.  Visit the Official DiDi website here. 

You can get the Apple DiDi App here or the Android Google Play DiDi App here.

DiDi offers a slew of services and is now hiring representatives in Mexico.  Visit the DiDi Linkedin page here for details and current listings.  DiDi offers services like Uber plus bus, taxi, bike and more.

Lyft Rideshare Taxi App

Looks like Lyft is not in Cancun or Mexico.  They appear focused on the USA and Canadian markets only.  I personally like Lyft over Uber and have only ever tried these two.  In Denver Colorado, Lyft is my favorite service to use in getting around.  In Daytona Beach Florida, Lyft is really hard to get if at all and Uber is king there.

Here is the full list of cities with Lyft!

Nesko Rideshare Taxi App

Nesko has partnered with taxi drivers in Mexico to help them recover the ground lost to private taxi services like Uber and Cabify.  You can pick up the Android version of Nesko here or the Apple version of Nesko here.

You can also visit the Nesko Blog here or the Nesko Wiki page here.

Currently, Nesko is operating in the countries of South America and Central America which include Ecuador, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Mexico.  Nekso is planning to expand its services to cities within the USA and Canada soon!

Nekso currently has offices in Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Toronto. 

Taxi Naranja Rideshare App

The Taxi Naranja app is created by the current taxi union or syndicate in Cancun.  You can get the Taxi Naranja App for Android here or get the Apple version of Taxi Naranja here.  Visit the Taxi Naranja Website here.

On Wednesday March 13, 2019, two hundred new fully equipped taxis were released onto the streets of Cancun that the governor says will offer greater safety to users.  These new taxis have 360 degree cameras and GPS systems.

There is also a second website to note here with a full directory of contacts and this local Mexico number: +52(998) 689-1143 . 

A second name for this group is Orange Taxi!

Cancun Taxi Or Shuttle Services:

There are a bunch of taxi services that you can hail, shuttle services that have shared transportation or private transfer for the whole family.  Here are a few of those options!

ETransfers Private Transportation

eTransfers offers a very reliable & economic private transportation services.  They offer several transportation options including an economic option and luxury transportation.  Some of their services include free drinks and snacks plus they have drinks available to purchase before your arrival.  They also offer an open transportation service where you can tour an area rather than just head to a destination.  So if you wan’t to go explore a destination but don’t have an specific place to go, you can go around and around for several hours and just see the sites.  They have service in: Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum & Puerto Vallarta.
So if your traveling to any of these destinations, get your private transportation with these guys!   Check out their TripAdvisor Profile and see for yourself if they are the best option for you.

Happy Shuttle Cancun

Happy Shuttle Cancun claims to have the cheapest rates for transfer in the Cancun area.  The current prices posted on their website in July 2019 offer a per person rate of $12 for shared transportation that would include downtown Cancun and the Hotel Zone.  Here are the prices for private transfer:

Happy Shuttle Cancun Transport

USA Transfers

USA Transfers offers private transfer throughout the Cancun area including the airport.  They also have an app!  You can get the android USA Transfers App here and the Apple USA Transfer App here.

I have been promoting them for a few years now and have a full post including videos here:  USA Transfer Cancun

You can also check out their other site:  Entertainment Plus Cancun Excursions


Cancun Luxury Transfer With Driver:

Luxe Transportation

Luxe Transportation offers a deluxe private transfer in fully loaded Cadillac Escalades ESV’s.  Their vehicles are equipped with all the extras to make your travel experience relaxing and pleasurable.  Each vehicle is also equipped with Wifi Internet, BOSE surround sound, on-screen entertainment system and air conditioning with independent passenger control.

USA & Canada: +1-866-922LUXE | Mexico: +52 (984) 111 1096

Cancun Limo Luxury Transfer

Cancun Limo offers a lot of high end options for transfer from and around Cancun.  They have an impressive fleet of vehicles including:

  • Lincoln Navigator
  • Suburban
  • Bus - (60+ Passengers)
  • Volkswagen Crafter
  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter
  • Lincoln Cartier
  • Five Hundred Limo
  • Chrysler 300c Limousine
  • Hummer (12 passenger)
  • Expedition Limousine
  • Tundra Limousine
  • Sienna Limousine
  • Party Buses

Cancun Luxury Car Rental Services:

Exotic Rides Cancun

Exotic Rides in cancun offers a full line up of high end autos you can rent!  They also sell a race car experience where you can do 3 to 5 laps around Cancun’s Autodromo in a super fast car.  Here is their line up!