Call (855)804-8381 to get 5 nights all inclusive (full access to restaurants) that includes two adults & two kids.  Cost is $599 (now – Aug 22nd), $399 (Aug 23rd – Dec 17th) & $999 (Dec 18th to Jan 5th).  Includes Sandos Playacar, Caracol & Finisterra (excludes Sandos Cancun) see full price sheetMust qualify as a prospect by meeting terms, attend sales presentation & book 15+ days ahead of travel.  Updated: 4/12/21

2021 All Inclusive Full Access “Beach Timeshare Promotion” At Sandos resorts

Couples ages 30 to 65 can save on travel to Sandos Resorts using the resorts vacation club timeshare promotion.

Sandos Resorts has a vacation club and offers a big discount for pre-qualifying (as a prospect) through a club agent before you travel?  

During your stay you would attend a 120 minute vacation club sales presentation on the Royal Elite Vacation Club.

In trade, you get a 5 night all inclusive stay that includes 2 adults and 2 kids (12 years of age or younger) at the time of travel.  Actual savings is between $600 & $2000 depending on travel season.  

This promotion can even be used over major holidays!  You can book up to 2 rooms to max occupancy and travel 3 to 7 nights at a discounted rate. 

2021 Sandos Resorts & Royal Elite Vacation Club Promo:

You Give:

You Get:

Additional Notes:

Sandos April 26th 2021 Program Available Dates
Availability Chart April 26, 2021

Choose one of four Sandos locations:

Sandos Playacar is located 50 minutes south of the Cancun Airport.  Located in the gated city of Playacar the south side of Playa Del Carmen.  Enjoy 10 restaurants, 6 bars, 9 pools and nightly entertainment.  You get free day passes to the Sandos Caracol (located 6 miles north).  There is WIFI in your room.  Included is 2 adults with up to 2 kids under 13 at the time of travel.  Get 5 nights all inclusive that includes 2 adults and 2 kids for as cheap as $399.  That price includes all resort and promotion fees!

Sandos Caracol is located 40 minutes from the Cancun Airport and is a highly rated Eco resort.  They have a water-park, mini zoo, cenotes and over a dozen creatures that live in this jungle oasis.  There is a kids club, Eco tour, 8 restaurants and 9 bars.  No WIFI in room.  Free day passes to Sandos Playacar (6 miles south).  Included is 2 adults with up to 2 kids under 13 at the time of travel.  Get 5 nights all inclusive that includes 2 adults and 2 kids for as cheap as $399.  That price includes all resort and promotion fees!

Sandos Cancun is a 4 diamond rated by AAA.  The resort is located 10 minutes from the Cancun Airport on the Cancun Resort Strip.  Enjoy 5 restaurants and 4 bars in a themed luxury resort environment.  Offer includes 2 adults only, all inclusive.  Nightly entertainment, WIFI in room, room service and more.  Get free day passes to the Sandos Caracol and Sandos Playacar.  Get 5 nights all inclusive that includes 2 adults for as cheap as $599.  That price includes all resort and promotion fees!

Sandos Finisterra is located on the Pacific side of Mexico in downtown Cabo San Lucas.  Enjoy 4 restaurants, 5 bars and a cafe.  There are 7 outdoor Jacuzzi’s. tennis and WIFI in room.  Included is 2 adults with up to 2 kids under 13 at the time of travel.  There is also an incredible fitness center, 3 pools and a kids club.  Located really close to El Arco, lover’s Island and Medano Beach.  Get 5 nights all inclusive that includes 2 adults and 2 kids for as cheap as $399.  That price includes all resort and promotion fees!

Quick Sandos Promo FAQ’s:

A timeshare promotion or tour can offer a gift or vacation stay.  Some of the vacation stays that are offered are all inclusive and can be worth $1000 or more in real discounts. 

Timeshare promotions can range from a $100 gift card all the way to a five night all inclusive stay that includes 4 family members!  Obviously the better and more valuable timeshare offers are all inclusive. 

The idea is that the resort is getting a super qualified prospect and you are getting a big discount.  Now there are differences in these promotions.  Some are full access all inclusive and don’t limit the onsite restaurants. 

Some are a limited form of all inclusive and only allow limited dining.  Always check to see what you are getting in your promotion. 

Have a look at my article on the top 30 or so questions people ask about timeshare vacation promotions here.

I work one on one with each client so that your trip & transportation is booked properly.  I am a small self run business and have been promoting the Sandos Resorts & Royal Elite vacation deal since 2012.  

I have personally booked  300+ packages and each and every traveler has received their reservation.  I am also a Sandos Smart Agent which is their direct travel agent booking platform.

I know that if you meet the terms and have never been through this program before, I can get you a reservation!

There are 4 Sandos Locations that offer this promo.  The 5th Mexico location is now open (Sandos Palm Bay) but there is no promo for it yet.

The Sandos Finisterra, Sandos Caracol Eco and the Sandos Playacar all have kids clubs.  The kid’s club (teen club) is included free in the promotion and the everyday retail upscale all inclusive.

Each resort location has different programs for kids.  You check the kids in for a day of adventure and then sprint for a nap in the shade!

Get a full refund if I don’t produce a reservation for the resort you want on the dates you have chosen!

I have one of the finest reputations in the promotional industry.  I am proud to promote a top vacation club not just a cheap trip.

Once your reservation is issued by the resort (2-7 days), there are no refunds as I have paid fees for your trip. 

You can reschedule your stay forever but any fees the resort charges me must be paid by you ($100-$200). 

These fees are charged for canceling as they are holding a room they could have sold to someone else.

The fees are minor and cost under $200 for a full reschedule!

If I send your paperwork in for this promotion I am 99% certain I will get your reservation issued!

If you are sold a vacation club package in the Sandos Resorts name the vendor must fulfill it or refund you as per our/their contract with the resort.

Sandos Resorts is a leader in this industry in that they have one of the few highly established programs (10+ years) and have detailed contracts with their vendors.  This protects you, them and me!

There is nothing more stressful before vacation than worrying about your reservation. 

You just bought 2k in plane tickets and the promotional company isn’t returning your calls! 

Your entire trip is in jeopardy and your losing sleep. 

If you book with me, you deal with me throughout your trip!  No employees here, no excuses!

Now I understand that the cost of tickets goes up almost daily and you want to lock in the price you have found.

I seriously recommend that you buy insurance if you are going to break this rule.

The best I can do is let you know the moment the resort bills me for your package.

The moment the resort bills me they are contractually obligated to fulfill your trip. 

The only times I have had an issue have been when a person lies about being through the presentation before.  

I have had 2 couples actually sign the agreement, submit it and then get turned down because they did this deal before.

You can only do this once and then you would have to tag along with a friend as the second couple in order to do it again.

This is one of the smartest things I have seen Sandos Resorts do! 

You may not like it but this one condition allows the resort to give you more and keep space freed up for those that are serious prospects! 

Out of close to 300 couples, all have received there deposits back in full!

One consumer did get charged for a bottle of wine because they asked the waiter to leave the bottle. 

Another consumer couldn’t produce the deposit and was allowed to stay one night and then asked/forced to leave.

The $1,200 dollar deposit at check-in on a major personal credit card is how the resort verifies:

*Credit worthiness without pulling a credit report.

*You really do meet these basic conditions and aren’t lying to get a cheap trip.

*Helps scare away people just looking for a cheap trip.

*Can be used as a down payment towards the vacation club offer presented to you.

*Basically guarantees you are a valuable prospect for the resorts offerings and you can afford it!

*It also guarantees availability and keeps space freed up.  There is almost always availability at Sandos should you need a spot!

Royal Elite is the vacation club behind Sandos Resorts.  If you are researching the Sandos Resort chain you will see rooms called the Royal Elite Suites.  Here is an example of the Royal Elite Suites at Sandos Playacar.

You can get these suites (not membership benefits) through retail offers or through me as a Sandos Online Travel Agent but not through the promotion.

Membership benefits are what you will be looking at and give you access to those rooms and extras like top shelf booze, first access to restaurants and private seating on the beach.  

You can learn more about the benefits to Royal Elite Membership here!

Seek & Go is a travel and tourism company that is located inside the lobby of each Sandos Resort in Mexico.  They offer many tours and excursions diret from the resort to the destination and then back again.

Seek & Go is also the transportation company that will be picking you up from the airport.  They offer private transportation for you and your family to and from the airport/hotel. 

One-way transportation is included in the promotion and I throw in return private transfer for all 5 night stays as an extra incentive for using my service!

Here is a link to their website if you can call it that!  It’s just one page!!!

Looking for other Cancun transportation information like Uber, taxi, rentals or shuttles?

No sorry.  The best way to book this promotion is via a single piece of paper.

  There is a simple form that the resort wants signed.  

Simply call and check if your dates are available.  Then fill out my booking form.   I will prepare the resorts form for you. 

I will then email the form to you along with an invoice for payment.

You can see a demo image of the resorts form here.

You will need a printer and a scanner or camera/fax to get the form back to me after you sign it.  

The whole process takes about a week to finalize including setting up your transportation.

No company or vendor can promise you instant booking.  This is a promotional vacation package and not accessed via any travel agent portal.

I have a second website that has close to 10,000 videos of fun things to do!  You can check out what other travelers have done or discover something new.

Here are a few links:

Cancun Fun Things To Do

Cozumel Fun Things To Do

Top Cancun Area Cenotes

Top Cancun Area Mayan Ruins

Los Cabos Fun Things To Do

No hidden fees!  Included are all taxes & processing fees.

Sandos Resorts internally sets the minimum price this package can be sold for.  

At resort check-out there are no hotel taxes.

If your travel party exceeds 2 adults and 2 kids there are extra fees for the extra guest(s) and/or night(s). 

You can book up to 7 nights through this timeshare deal and occupy 2 suites to max occupancy.

There are 4 Sandos Resorts in Mexico that offer this promotion.  The terms & conditions are the same for each resort and only the offer changes in that the Sandos Cancun is for just 2 adults. 

All four are beach front, all inclusive and highly rated.  Three are located and accessed through Cancun International Airport (Sandos Cancun, Sandos Caracol, Sandos Playacar) and one is located in Cabo San Lucas on the Pacific side of Mexico (Sandos Finisterra).

Each Sandos Resort is themed and offers a different experience that shifts throughout the week.  The Sandos Caracol has an Eco theme, the Sandos Cancun has a luxury theme, the Sandos Playacar has a beach theme and the Sandos Finisterra has a beach theme. 

***If you stay at Sandos Cancun you get free day passes to the Playacar and Caracol.  If you stay at Playacar or Caracol you get free day passes at the one your not sleeping at!

The Sandos Caracol has an Eco rating of 97% which is incredible!  There are some common things people complain about.  You don’t get clean towels everyday, there are mosquitoes and the entire resort is under a rain-forest canopy.  Even the soaps and suntan lotions are Eco because there is wildlife running all over this place!  Next door is a Nick Price Golf Course seen here.

The Sandos Playacar is a beach resort and even though it is located in the same rain-forest (6 miles from Caracol), the trees are cut back and the sun shines in.  The better room and beach is here at Playacar.  Sandos Playacar is also located in the gated city of Playacar which has added neighborhood security on top of resort security.  Playacar is also built around a Robert Von Hagge golf course seen at the bottom of this page here.

The Sandos Cancun is a 4 diamond rated resort and does allow children but at a hefty expense per child per night.  They are located about halfway down the Cancun Resort Strip and boost a prime piece of Cancun real estate.  This is a smaller and taller resort but is super luxurious.

The Sandos Finisterra is located in downtown Cabo San Lucas and has a prime location on the pacific side of the peninsula.  Swimming is encouraged at the Medano Beach on the other side due to rip currents although they have 7 acres of beach.  El Arco and Lover’s Island are close by as are many other Cabo fun things to do.

Vendors of the Sandos promotion cannot sell room upgrades. 

At check-in you may be offered an upgrade if there are rooms available.  This happens often and can be as cheap as a few hundred for your entire stay.

Vendor also can’t sell you their own transportation, tours or excursions. 

In the lobby of each Sandos Resorts is Seek & Go.  Seek & Go is a reputable transportation and tour operator onsite at Sandos. 

Seek & Go will be the company picking you up and dropping you off if you opt in to the private airport taxi transfer.

I personally encourage tipping similar to how we tip here in America.  I would tip those that serve you well, like room service and waiters.

I have had consumers tell me that they have received gifts after tipping their maids, waiters and bartenders.  Don’t wait till you leave to tip as service staff is encouraged to gift you and promote the Sandos Brand!

I have had consumers travel on anniversaries and birthdays and get gifts like bottles of tequila or wine!

The terms & conditions are set in what the resort considers their target market. 

As silly as these may seem, they are the basic requirements for getting this incredible deal.

All of the terms are important but the most important is the deposit at check-in.

That deposit can be from a business if you are the sole owner of the business.  You will need to bring or email a copy of your corporate documents to yourself. 

If needed, you can access and show this documentation via your smart phone.  You cannot use a business credit card if you are an employee or a partner.

The required 60k annual income can be from a sole provider and is based on your gross annual income.  You could also email yourself documents showing proof of income.

The age requirement is 30 to 65 and both adults must be within that age range at the time of stay.

If you are not married you need to have the same addresses on both of your driver’s licenses.  You must be able to show you are living & building a life together.

If you are two families looking to travel together there are rules or you will both get your packages voided.

You can travel together if you do just one promotional offer.  Consider splitting the total cost for both families and booking together.

Sandos allows you to book 2 basic suites for up to 7 nights!  You pay for the all inclusive which is $100 an adult and $50 a child (except holidays). 

I match any competitors price as long as they are within their signed agent contract.  View the price sheet here!  

There is no better discount for Sandos Resorts.

Every consumer that goes to Sandos Resorts will be offered some form of compensation to attend this presentation.

The biggest savings is this travel promotion and using it over a holiday can save you thousands!

Included above and beyond the basic package of 2 adults and 2 kids are children that are 2 or younger.

Children 2 and younger also don’t interfere with the resorts hotel occupancy rules.

So a family with a child 2 years of age or younger would be free and does not affect the base package or room.

Couples with a child 2 and younger can stay at the Sandos Cancun without added charges!  Oh yeah!

Want to travel with another couple?  You can under specific conditions.

You can occupy up to two rooms per group or family.

That means that all members traveling together must fit into and meet the occupancy rules for the basic room offered in the promotion.

So if you are two couples with up to two kids for Caracol and 2 kids for Playacar or Finisterra, you could max out the two suites as needed and travel together. 

Remember that your kids must all be under under 13 at the time of travel.

Now you may fit in the rooms with older kids too, but there are charges for older kids and this only works if you all fit into two rooms.

Want to get married at a beach resort?  Sandos Resorts has 4 all inclusive locations to tie the knot, renew vows or just celebrate a honeymoon.  They offer preset wedding packages or you can custom build your own.  

Sandos offers Asian, Hindu, Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Mayan, Ceremony and Symbolic.  Watch other couples wedding ceremonies through these onsite links:  

Sandos Cancun-(4 Diamond Resort Weddings), Sandos Playacar-(Caribbean Beach Weddings), Sandos Caracol-(Eco/Nature Weddings)

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Meet these conditions
  • These terms & conditions apply to all four Sandos Resort locations in Mexico. 
  • You can only use this promotion one time!

To be a Qualified Prospect for this special promotion (Minivac), all requirements listed below must be met:

You will sign this form which will be sent to you.

(Form is filled out by me and emailed to you after completing this booking request)

1.- Married couples must be between 30 and 65 years old when attending the Sales Presentation. They must present valid photo ID’s that include their age, same last name and address as their spouse’s. Otherwise, their children in common (proven) or Marriage Certificate will serve as proof of marriage for married couples. Their annual combined income must be at least $60,000 USD. Married couples must attend the Sales Presentation together.

2.- Cohabitating couples must be between 30 and 65 years old when attending the Sales Presentation. They must present valid ID’s that include their age and same address as their partner. Otherwise, their children in common (proven) will serve as proof of cohabitation. Their annual combined income must be at least $60,000 USD. Cohabitating couples must attend the Sales Presentation together.

3.- Must have a steady legally recorded job. Full time employment only, part time does not qualify for this promotion. Retirees accepted only if one has legally recorded job (pensions or retirement money do not participate)

4.- Qualified Prospects must present at the time of the Sales Presentation at least one (1) personalized valid major credit card such as MasterCard, Visa or American Express (corporate credit cards, Discover credit cards, extension credit cards, debit cards and debit cards that function also as credit cards are NOT accepted).

5.- Must be US or Canadian permanent residents (not including Quebec).

6.- Each Qualified Prospect must present a valid ID such as a passport and driver’s license at the time of the Sales Presentation.

7.- Speak and write fluent English or Spanish and be able to read and sign a legally binding agreement without the help of a translator.

8.- All adult travelers must attend together to the 90-120 minute Sales Presentation of the vacation club at the hotel.

9.- At the moment of check-in to the hotel, the reception will ask for a guarantee deposit on the Qualified Prospect’s credit card for the amount of 1,200USD which will be canceled at the moment the guest checks out of the hotel and has complied with all the requirements detailed on this document.

10.- This package does not apply for clients traveling for special events, as it is informed but not limited to, Group Travel, Weddings and Conventions.

11.- First night of vacation must be in a Sandos hotel.

12.- Only people that arrive to the hotel’s destination by airplane will qualify for this package. Please keep your airline ticket stubs available as a proof of this requirement at the time of the Sales Presentation.

13.- Travelers who do not meet these requirements will lose their status of being a Qualified Prospect for this package resulting in the travelers paying the rack rate of the hotel for total of the stay.

The following do not qualify for this promotion (Minivac) and therefore will lose their status as a Qualified Prospect resulting in the payment of the hotel rack rate:

a) Tourism industry employees, airline, travel agency or hotel industry employees; current or former time-share employees, Ministers or Pastors and retired people.

b) Single clients do not quality for this promotion.

c) Anyone who has attended in the past the Vacation Club Sales Presentation at any Sandos hotel, including members or former members of the Vacation Club belonging to the hotel chain.

d) Participants who had attended or will attend a sales presentation in another hotel 30 days before or 30 days after their stay at the resort.

e) Participants that have used or will use a similar type of package 30 days before or 30 days after their stay at the hotel.

f) Any person whose name is not the original name on the reservation (this Minivac package is not transferable).

g) If friends and/or family are traveling together with different confirmation numbers, none of them will qualify for the promotional package and will be required to pay the rack rate.


• It is the guest’s responsibility to contact the concierge to schedule the appointment for the 90-120 minute Sales Presentation of the hotel’s.

• The Sales Presentation can not take place on the first day or last day of the guest’s vacation stay in the hotel.

• Participants can not have any type of appointment scheduled on the same day of the Sales Presentation.

• If you find flights arriving very early (00:01 to 4:00 am) please talk to your travel agency to add that extra night to your package and avoid inconvenients

• By signing the letter/contract (sent to you), the participants agree and comply with all terms and conditions mentioned previously. Any verbal or written agreement made with the agency that is not contained in this letter, is NOT valid. In case of noncompliance with any of the requirements, the reservation will be cancelled, so if the participants wish to stay in the hotel, they must pay the rack rate on the understanding that the money paid to the travel agency for the promotion will NOT be taken into account to settle the payment.