Cash in on an upscale all inclusive vacation offer!

(Over 200 families personally booked through this deal!)

For the past 6 years I have promoted the Royal Elite Vacation Club at Sandos Resorts.  Let a registered Sandos agent guide you through setting up your stay.  Sandos Resorts has year round availability including all major holidays for this program!

Here are some quick facts for those with short attention spans:

  • Save up to $1500 by previewing membership at Sandos.
  • Membership gives you more than retail access.
  • Sandos is rated between 4 & 5 stars on TripAdvisor (5 stars is perfect).
  • Not timeshare – Vacation club.
  • You must sign a physical paper agreement which protects you, me & the resort.
  • 99% success rate with full money back guarantee.
  • A deposit at check-in of $1500 guarantees you meet the basic terms & conditions of this offer (seen below).
  • Book a 3 to 7 night stay at a huge discount.
  • You get full retail access including all restaurants.
  • Book year round including all holidays.
  • 4 beach front (themed) locations to choose from.
  • Incredible availability with an average 3 day booking process.

2019 Sandos Resorts (Full Retail Access) Timeshare Promotion! 

There are 4 Sandos locations that offer a non-restricted all inclusive stay for attending a vacation club presentation!  Average savings is over $1000 (price comparison videos)!

Package includes 2 adults with up to 2 kids twelve years of age or younger.

*Scroll down for a FAQ about this offer!

Full terms & Conditions here!

Must be a married couple or a couple living together with the same address.

Must make $60,000 USD per year as a couple.

Must have a major personal credit card with an available $1500 at check-in.  Can be a business credit card if you solely own the business.

If you meet the agreed upon terms & attend the presentation, 100% of your $1500 hold will be released at check-out.

Couples traveling together can only use one package or risk voiding both!

Must be between the ages of 30 & 65 at the time of travel.

Must be a US or Canadian citizen able to read and write English and/or Spanish.

Couple must sign an agreement stating they meet these basic terms and conditions.

Included is free one-way transport with return transfer ranging between $50 & $75.

Sandos Playacar – Sandos Caracol Eco – Sandos Finisterra:

June 6 – August 18th, 2019
3 Nights $360
4 Nights $480
5 Nights $599

August 19th – December 19th, 2019
3 Nights $240
4 Nights $320
5 Nights $399

*Bisbee’s fishing tournament at Finisterra (October 20-27) has same prices as Christmas dates.

(December 20th, 2019 – January 5th, 2020)
3 Nights $599
4 Nights $799
5 Nights $999

January 6th, 2020 – Spring Break 2020
3 Nights $360
4 Nights $480
5 Nights $599

Need a 6th or 7th night?  Have older children than what’s included?  Add $100 per adult & $50 per child when outside the base package of 5 nights (2 adults, 2 kids).  Sandos Cancun has separate pricing.

If you have attended this promotion before it is void to you!  There are retail coupons here.

Sandos Playacar (2 adults, 2 kids)
Sandos Caracol Eco (2 adults, 2 kids)
Sandos Cancun Luxury Resort & Spa
Sandos Cancun (high end, 2 adults only)
Sandos Finisterra (2 adults, 2 kids)

*For faster service on your reservation fill out the long form:

Reservations are handled directly by owner.  All packages are booked at the time of purchase.  If you have visited a site with timers or other sale based gimmicks consider their online reputation, then do business with me!

Already a Royal Elite Member? Rent or sell your Sandos Timeshare!

Quick Sandos Resort FAQ’s:

Discover this upscale all inclusive resort chain and the many included amenities!

There are 4 Sandos Locations with a 5th opening soon (Sandos Palm Bay).  I have access to all but the new Palm Bay Resort. 

The Sandos Finisterra, Sandos Caracol Eco and the Sandos Playacar all have kids clubs.  The kid’s club (teen club) is included free in the promotion and the everyday upscale all inclusive.

Each resort location has different programs for kids.  You check the kids in for a day of adventure and then sprint for a nap in the shade!

I offer a full refund if I don’t produce a reservation for the Sandos Resort you want on the dates you have chosen! 

I have one of the finest reputations in the promotional industry.  I promote a top vacation club not just a cheap trip. 

Once your reservation is issued by the resort (2-5 days), there are no refunds as I have paid fees for your trip.

You can reschedule your stay forever but any fees the resort charges me must be paid by you. 

These fees are charged for canceling last minute as they are holding a room they could have sold to someone else.

The fees are minor and cost about $200 for a full reschedule!

If I send you paperwork for this promotion I am 99% certain I will get your reservation issued!

Promotional travel should not be booked like regular retail vacation packages.  You may have seen this on a competitors website. 

Here are some facts & risks about fake hotel booking widgets!

*Promotional companies do not have direct access to any hotel reservation system.

*Promotional companies in many cases are call centers.  If you hate telemarketing, don’t initiate contact.

*There is always a contract or agreement between the consumer and the resort that will be signed physically or electronically.

*Companies with these fake booking widgets historically have up to a 50% failure rate at producing reservations (Google it).

*Once you have made payment the promotional company has you locked in.  Even though they can’t produce what they have sold you, you may still lose a charge back dispute with your credit card company.

*The bait & switch sales technique is common throughout this industry as are low quality promos and restricted all inclusive plans.

*Don’t buy plane tickets till your reservation is confirmed.  Your fake booking widget confirmation is not a real reservation number. 

*Promotional companies love when they have your back up against the wall!  Now they have you locked in on the fear of no charge-back, a different resort than you wanted and you got plane tickets to Mexico without a reservation.

There is nothing more stressful before vacation than worrying about your reservation. 

You just bought 2k in plane tickets and the promotional company isn’t returning your calls!  Your entire trip is in jeopardy and your losing sleep. 

If you book with me, you deal with me throughout your trip!  No employees here!

The $1,500 dollar deposit at check-in on a major personal credit card is how the resort verifies:

*Credit worthiness without pulling a credit report.

*You really do meet these basic conditions and aren’t lying to get a cheap trip.

*Helps scare away people just looking for a cheap trip.

*Can be used as a down payment towards the vacation club offer presented to you.

*Basically guarantees you are a valuable prospect for the resorts offerings and you can afford it!


I do not hide any fees!  Included is all taxes, tips & processing fees.  Please still tip as it may get you extras and is a kind thing to do.

Sandos Resorts internally sets the minimum price this package can be sold for including all the extras. 

Vendors who sell for less are in direct violation of their signed contract or are selling a fake promotion.  

Under contract this package can’t be sold cheaper or the resort can void the reservation and get rid of the vendor.

Vendors of the Sandos promotion cannot sell room upgrades. 

At check-in you may be offered an upgrade if there are rooms available.  This happens often and can be as cheap as a few hundred for your entire stay.

Vendor also can’t sell you their own transportation, tours or excursions. 

In the lobby of each Sandos Resorts is Seek&Go.  Seek&Go is a reputable transportation and tour operator onsite at Sandos. 

Seek&Go will be the company picking you up and dropping you off if you opt in to the return transfer.

I personally encourage tipping similar to how we tip here in America.  I would tip those that serve you well, like room service and waiters.

I have had consumers tell me that they have received gifts after tipping their bar waiter for the week.

I have also had consumers travel on anniversaries and birthdays and get gifts!

The terms & conditions are set in what the resort considers their target market. 

As silly as these may seem, they are the basic requirements for getting this incredible price.

All of the terms are important but the most important is the deposit at check-in.

That deposit can be from a business if you are the sole owner of the business.  You will need to bring or email a copy of your corporate documents to yourself. 

If needed, you can access and show this documentation via your smart phone.  You cannot use a business credit card if you are an employee or a partner.

The required 60k annual income can be from a sole provider and is rarely questioned.  You could also email yourself documents showing proof of income.

The age requirement is 30 to 65 and both adults must be within that age range at the time of stay.

If you are not married you need to have the same addresses on both of your driver’s licenses.  You must be able to show you are living & building a life together.

If you are two families looking to travel together there are rules or you will both get your packages voided.

You can travel together if you do just one promotional offer.  Consider splitting the total cost for both families.

Sandos allows you to book 2 basic suites for up to 7 nights!  You pay for the all inclusive which is $100 an adult and $50 a child (except holidays).

There is no better discount for Sandos Resorts.

Every consumer that goes to Sandos Resorts will be offered some form of compensation to attend this presentation.

The biggest savings is this promotion!

Included above and beyond the basic package of 2 adults and 2 kids are children that are 2 or younger.

Children 2 and younger also don’t interfere with the resorts hotel occupancy rules.

So a family with a child 2 years of age or younger would be free and does not affect the base package or room.